SHOWA™ 6110PF Biodegradable Gloves

Choose a disposable glove that helps meet Green initiatives. SHOWA™ 6110PF Biodegradable Gloves are completely biodegradable, powder-free, and feature a textured finish which adds a tactile feel and improved grip to working conditions.

SHOWA™ Tuff Guard™ Gloves

Provides liquid-proof protection against acids, caustics and dyes

SHOWA™ Atlas™ Grip Kevlar™ KV300 Gloves

Provide high flexibility, durability and cut resistance

SHOWA™ Viton™ and Viton II Gloves

Provide highest chemical-resistance barrier to aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, or xylene.

SHOWA™ Fuzzy Duck™ Gloves

Cool and abrasion resistant

SHOWA™ Glove™ Nitrile Industrial Disposable Glove

Offers exceptional dexterity, while providing twice the toughness of thinner styles

SHOWA™ 874 Best™ Butyl II Gloves

Same chemical permeation resistance

SHOWA™ 540 Cut Resistant Gloves

Offers a combination of exceptional grip, dexterity and cut-resistance with the durability of a Polyurethane coating

SHOWA™ Hustler™ Gloves

Provides excellent abrasion resistance and exceptional protection against solvents and acids

SHOWA™ N-DEX™ Accelerator-Free Nitrile Gloves

Accelerator-free, disposable nitrile gloves are perfect for laboratory, pharmaceutical, or industrial tasks

SHOWA™ CleaN-DEX™ Ultimate 100% Nitrile Gloves

Ideal for hand protection in critical environments

SHOWA™ Atlas Fit™ 300 Work Glove

Natural rubber palm coating

SHOWA™ 541 Cut-Resistant Gloves

Combines exceptional grip, dexterity and cut-resistance with durability of polyurethane

SHOWA™ Glove™ Polyurethane-Coated Delicate Operations Gloves

Supple coating provides good resistance to abrasion and micro-cuts

SHOWA™ DFlex™ G4 Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut resistant glove offers enhanced wet grip

SHOWA™ Nitri-Pro™ Gloves

Ideal replacements for heavy cotton or leather work gloves

SHOWA™ Bex™ Sof Paw Gloves

Provide excellent abrasion resistance and good grip, wet or dry

SHOWA™ Answer™ and Answer Plus™ Gloves

Combine the look and feel of leather with the durability and flexibility of a nitrile-coated fabric

SHOWA™ Nitri-Flex™ Gloves

An economical alternative to cotton and lightweight leather gloves.

SHOWA™ Insulated Super Flex™ Gloves

Provide superior chemical and abrasion resistance