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Si Metric Manufacturing Limited CLASSROOM COMPACT SCALE 5KG


CaddyStack™ Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Designed with both quality and economy in mind.

DiscoveryKits™ Stacking Weights Products for Science Education

Hexagon-shaped for easy handling and stacking.

12-Inch Rulers Products for Science Education

Made of shatter-resistant material.

Elementary Balance Products for Science Education

Rugged, all-purpose balance will hold up through years of use. SI Metric Manufacturing Elementary Balance is an all-purpose, durable, student-proof balance which has a molded construction of high-impact styrene.

Write 'N Wipe Boards Products for Science Education

Double-sided for free drawing or graphing.

Color-Coded Spring Scales Products for Science Education

Clear plastic tube allows students to see the action of the spring.

Metric/Imperial Ruler Products for Science Education

With both metric and imperial calibrations.

Kidney Counters Products for Science Education

Help in the development of basic operations and probability skills

SI Metric Manufacturing Primary Calculator Products for Science Education

A great tool for beginning to teach calculator skills.

150cm Fiberglass Tape Products for Science Education

Will not break or tear.

Intermediate Ruler Products for Science Education

Designed on one edge to show the relationship between decimeters, centimeters and millimeters.

Windup Meter Tapes Products for Science Education

Durable tapes won't tear, break, rust or stretch.

Pocket Rulers Products for Science Education

Calibrated in inches on one edge, centimeter on the other.

Stick to Science: Magnetic Periodic Table Investigation Products for Science Education

Illustrates the core concepts of atomic theory by investigation of the first 20 elements of the periodic table.

Liquid Measuring Cup Set Products for Science Education

Three measuring cups with handles.

Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

With embossed calibrations for easy measuring.

Protractor Set Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use protractor set available in different colors.

Percent Protractor Products for Science Education

Ideal for showing the correlation between percent and degrees.

SI Manufacturing Compact Digital Scale with Bowl Products for Science Education

For weighing multiple small objects at once.

Angle Ruler Products for Science Education

Measure inches, centimeters and degrees using this flexible angle ruler.

Geometry Math Set Products for Science Education

Six-piece set contains fundamental drawing aids.

Book Plus Insect Models Products for Science Education

Introduce students to the life and times of the insects.

Stick to Science: Chemical Nomenclature Cards Products for Science Education

Set of 144 magnetic cards for students to investigate naming of compounds and balancing of equations.

Teacher's Four-Sided Meter Stick Products for Science Education

For demonstrating usage.

Trundle Wheel Products for Science Education

Measures long distances in the classroom or outdoors.

Stick to Science: Genetic Cards Products for Science Education

Solve the puzzle of how genes are inherited and sometimes appear or disappear in families.

Weather Board Products for Science Education

Provides all the tools your class will need to discuss today's date, temperature and weather.

Triangle Meter Stick Products for Science Education

Unique design for constructing square cubic meters or connecting meter sticks.

Book Plus The Five Senses Products for Science Education

Learn about the five senses and how they sample our environment for information.