Sirchie Finger Print

Evidence Integrity Strips Products for Science Education

Simply peel the evidence strip away from the liner and apply to evidence.

Fingerprinting Supplies Products for Science Education

Great for the classroom — clear and accurate fingerprints for forensics projects.

Portable Fuming Chamber Products for Science Education

Cyanoacrylate development chamber designed with field use in mind.

PrintMatic™ Flawless Ink Pad Products for Science Education

Revolutionary new concept for recording fingerprints.

Longwave UV Mini Light Source Products for Science Education

For use in crime scene search and forensic applications.

Silver/Gray Fluormag™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder Products for Science Education

Highly fluorescent for use on multicolored backgrounds.

Micro BlueMaxx™ Light Source Products for Science Education

Provides just the right amount of illumination for searching small areas.

MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit Products for Science Education

For use when casting small details that need high contrast for microscopic examinations.

PrintOver™ Tabs Products for Science Education

Die cut to fit perfectly on 8 × 8 in. (20.3 × 20.3cm) record cards.

Hinge Lifters Products for Science Education

Sized for multiple fingerprints or full palm prints.

Magnetic Powder Applicator Products for Science Education

Ideal for precision dusting of small to medium surface areas.

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass Products for Science Education

Slips in a shirt or jacket pocket — always ready when you need it.

M2 Professional Magnifier Products for Science Education

Excellent fingerprint magnifier.

Magic Orange with Pumice Products for Science Education

Waterless ink cleaner.

Transparent Lifting Tape Products for Science Education

Conforms to most surfaces.

ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting Kit Products for Science Education

Eliminates the mess and difficulty of mixing plaster.

Photography Identifier Booklet Products for Science Education

Easily identify, sequence and orient fingerprints, footprints, blood spatters, bullet holes and other physical evidence.

Snow Impression Wax Products for Science Education

Designed to help capture impression evidence found in snow or ice.

Forensic Entomology Kit Products for Science Education

Use insects to help solve crimes.

Photo Evidence Scale Products for Science Education

Perfect for precise measurement when photographing evidence.

Chain of Custody Labels Products for Science Education

Perfect choice for the permanent marking of evidence.

Circular Evidence Labels Products for Science Education

Accommodate pertinent case information.

Crime Scene Template Products for Science Education

Designed to simplify the drawing of difficult objects found at the crime scene.

Photo Evidence Scale for 35mm Format Products for Science Education

Use when photographing evidence at 1:1 ratio with 35mm film.

Regular Black Magnetic Latent Print Powder Products for Science Education

Uniform textured powder perfect for fingerprinting applications.

Photo Locator Cone Set Products for Science Education

Use at crime scenes as evidence markers or for traffic control.

Bio-Foam™ Impression Kit Products for Science Education

Quick and easy-to-use system makes footwear impressions without damage or contamination.

Fuming Hotplate Products for Science Education

Accelerate development of cyanoacrylate by using this new fuming hotplate.

Blood Stain/Evidence Template Products for Science Education

Lets you record the evidence in a format acceptable in most jurisdictions.

Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit Products for Science Education

Self-contained and pre-measured to eliminate all the mess and guesswork.