Sellstrom Manufacturing

Standard Size Chemical Goggles Products for Science Education

Soft vinyl goggle frame conforms to facial contours for a secure fit.

Sellstrom™ Guest-Gard™ Glasses

Lightweight, comfortable glasses can be worn over prescription glasses

Nomex™ Fire Blanket Products for Science Education

The same material used for military flight suits!

Guest-Gard™ Glasses Products for Science Education

Lightweight, comfortable glasses can be worn over prescription glasses.

Sellstrom™ Impact Goggles

Built for comfortable protection

Sellstrom Spill Control Station

Equipped for protection clean-up personnel

Sellstrom™ 380/390 Series Faceshields and Replacement Parts

Single crown style provides low cost and high quality

Sellstrom™ Fire Blankets

Lightweight and easy to apply

Sellstrom™ Series 330 Faceshield Replacement Windows

Compatible with Series 330 Faceshields

Sellstrom™ Acrylic Safety Glasses Tray

Provides convenient access to spectacles

Sellstrom™ Odyssey II Cleanroom Goggles Replacement Strap

Replacement strap for Sellstrom Odyssey II Cleanroom Goggles