Balance Draft Shields and Covers

Mettler Toledo™ NewClassic MS-S Draft Shield with Sliding Doors

Improves the quality of your weighing results, especially for balances with fine readability ranges (≤0.001g). Mettler Toledo NewClassic MS-S Draft Shield with Sliding Doors protects weighing samples from surrounding influences, resulting in optimized repeatability and fast stabilization times.

Fisherbrand™ Balance Shield

Protect sensitive measurings from drafts, while maintaining a controlled environment.

Mettler Toledo™ In-Use Balance Covers

Protects balances from accidental spills.

Sartorius™ Covers for Cubis™ Analytical and Precision Balances

Protective in-use and dust covers for Sartorius balances.

Mettler Toledo™ Protective Cover for AG Balances

Perfect way to protect the balance against sample spills.

Mettler Toledo™ In-Use Cover for PB-S/PB-S/FACT/PB-L Balances

Accessory for use with PB-S/PB-S/FACT/PB-L Balances. Mettler Toledo In-Use Cover is a clear plastic cover which protects balance front control panel from accidental spills.

OHAUS™ Vinyl Dust Covers

Protect balances from dust and dirt.

Sartorius™ Balance and Scale Dust Covers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Durable dust cover protects balances and scales from dust and dirt and from debris.

Mettler Toledo™ Draft Shields for Balances

Weighing accessories for use with balances.

Mettler Toledo™ Replacement In-use Cover for Discontinued AT Series, UMT2, and MT5 Balances

Chemical resistant covers for discontinued AT Series, UMT2, and MT5 Balances.

METTLER TOLEDO™ Draft Shield for XPR/XSR Analytical Balance

Draft shield door with slot for the LV12 feeder for XPR/XSR Analytical balances

METTLER TOLEDO™ Protective Cover for XPR Terminal

XPR accessory - terminal protective cover

METTLER TOLEDO™ SmartGrid cover pan

Cover for the SmartGrid weighing pan

OHAUS™ Display Cover for MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers

For MB35 and MB45 Moisture Analyzers.

Ohaus™ In-use Cover for Explorer™ Pro and Voyager™ Pro Scales

For use with Explorer Pro and Voyager Pro scales.

OHAUS™ In-Use-Cover for Valor 7000 Compact Bench Scales

Protects balance from dust and dirt.

S-Curve™ Laboratory Equipment Covers

Protects valuable equipment from contamination and spills

Sartorius™ Draft Chamber for Sartorius CPA Balances

For use with square CPA balances.

OHAUS™ Vinyl Dust Covers for Triple Beam Balances Products for Science Education

For use with triple beam balances.