Noise Monitoring Instrumentation

3M™ Sound Detector

Designed for measurement of workplace noise levels and to determine degree of hearing protection that may be required

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Sound Level Meter

Meter receives sound through a 1/2 in. condenser microphone.

3M™ Microphone Adapter Calibrator

For NoisePro Class 1 microphone

3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100

Alerts users to potentially dangerous noise levels

Casella™ CEL-24X Digital Sound Level Meters

Choice of four meters to meet your workplace noise monitoring needs

Sper Scientific Advanced Datalogging Sound Meter Products for Science Education

Single dynamic 30 to 130db range eliminates the need to manually select ranges and prevents data errors during range changes in auto-ranging models.

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Analog Sound Meter

Meter receives sound through a microphone and provides fast readings on a color-coded scale

3M™ Noise Indicator: USB Cable Charger

USB cable charger for use with 3M Noise Indicator (Cat. No. 17-987-284)

Sper Scientific Graphic Display Sound Meters

Covers 30-130dB in the A scale and 35-130dB in the C scale with a resolution of 0.1dB and an accuracy of ±1.5dB