Emergency Lighting

Streamlight™ Rechargeable LiteBox™ Lanterns

Adjustable swivel neck allows for rotation of the lamp head

Pelican™ HeadsUp™ Lites Headlamps

Hands-free light when and where you need it

Streamlight™ Stinger™ Flashlight

Compact, rechargeable, and exceptionally bright

Streamlight™ Stylus™ Pen Light

The convenience of an ultra-slim pen light with a high-intensity LED

Streamlight™ Survivor™ LED Flashlight

Ideal for use in fire and rescue, law enforcement, industrial safety, public works and utilities

Streamlight™ Streamlight™ ProPolymers™ Luxeon™ LED Flashlights

Ten times brighter than a high-intensity LED flashlight

Streamlight™ ProPolymer™ 4AA LED

Ergonomically shaped for comfort

Pelican™ Super SabreLite™ Flashlights

Suitable for potentially explosive and other hazardous environments

Pelican™ 7060 LED Rechargeable Police Flashlight

Ultra-versatile dual switches for optimum grip in any situation

Pelican™ MityLite™ Flashlights

Beam cuts through thick smoke, fog, and dust

Streamlight™ PolyStinger™ LED Rechargeable Flashlight

C4 LED technology for extreme brightness

Streamlight™ Trident™ Headlamps

Small, lightweight, and hands-free

Streamlight™ Septor™ Headlamp

All-purpose headlamp

Pelican™ StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™ Flashlights

Produce a true, bright collimated LED beam

Pelican™ 7060 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Ideal tactical/patrol flashlight

Streamlight™ Streamlight Jr.™ LED Flashlight

Ultra compact and lightweight LED flashlight.

Streamlight™ 3N ProPolymers™ LED Flashlight

Lightweight model has plenty of power to light your way

Pelican™ L4™ 1830 LED Lights

Lightweight, slim-profile design fits in pocket

Streamlight™ Argo™ Headlamp

Illuminate objects at a distance with a far-reaching beam of 190m.

Coast™ G45 385 Lumen LED Flashlight

The G45 combines a bright Bulls-Eye Spot with a fairly compact size that is great for a wide variety of situations.


The Dualie™ 2AA is an intrinsically safe, high performance, 2 AA battery powered dual function LED flashlight. The flashlight features a forward facing LED spot beam and a side facing LED flood light that can be used individually or at the same time for enhanced safety.

Coast Products TX14R Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight and RX395 Blade Assist Folding Knife Combo Pack

Coast Products Combo Pack mixes the Flex Charge Dual Power system and a Long Range Focusing Optic with an all-black design to create a high-end tactical light. Using Blade Assist Technology, the RX395 is fast and easy to open with extra safety tools.

Moore Medical ADC Metalite™ Reusable Penlight

Compact diagnostic tool provides clinical illumination time and time again

Coast Products TX9R Rechargeable Focusing LED Flashlight and HX3 Dual Color LED Clip Light Combo Pack

Coast Products Combo Pack mixes the Flex Charge Dual Power system and a Long Range Focusing Optic with an all-black design to create a high-end tactical light. Specialty light offers a rotating head for aiming the white or UV beams, as well as a magnetized clip

Pelican™ Little Ed™ 3610 LED Flashlight

Recoil LED Technology™ focuses 100% of light forward, producing a beam as bright as an incandescent light

Pelican™ StealthLite™ 2400

Tough resin body is corrosion proof and resistant to extreme temperatures

Coast™ WX190 330 Dual Color Wide Angle Flood LED Headlamp

The WX190 is a compact front loading headlamp with a brilliant Wide Angle Flood Beam and red beam.