Custom Peptides

Tocris™ AC 710

Potent and selective PDGFR family inhibitor

Tocris™ NBI 31772

High affinity insulin-like growth factor-I binding protein IGFBP inhibitor

Tocris™ Norleual

Highly potent HGF/c-MET inhibitor; also AT4 antagonist

Tocris™ Furamidine dihydrochloride

Selective PRMT1 inhibitor

Tocris™ Amyloid b-peptide (12-28) (human)

Amyloid beta-peptide; minimum required for binding to brain proteins

Tocris™ PMX 53

Potent C5a receptor antagonist

Tocris™ SD 2590 hydrochloride

Potent MMP inhibitor

Tocris™ Nociceptin

Endogenous NOP agonist

Tocris™ cGMP dependent kinase inhibitor peptide

Inhibitor of protein kinases G and A

Tocris™ Aliskiren hemifumarate

Potent renin inhibitor; antihypertensive

Tocris™ Amyloid b-peptide (10-20) (human)

Amyloid beta-peptide; substrate for MMP-2

Tocris™ ML 354

Selective PAR4 antagonist

Tocris™ CYN 154806

Selective sst2 antagonist

Tocris™ [Ala107]-MBP (104-118)

Protein kinase C inhibitor

Tocris™ Cytochalasin B

Inhibitor of actin polymerization

Tocris™ Simvastatin - d6

Deuterated simvastatin (Cat. No. 1965)

Tocris™ JTV 519 fumarate

Ryanodine receptor (RyR) inhibitor

Tocris™ AEG 40730 dihydrochloride

IAP antagonist; induces apoptosis

Tocris™ Gap19

Cx43 hemichannel blocker


Irreversible caspase-2 inhibitor

Tocris™ AP 811

High affinity, selective NPR3 antagonist

Tocris™ SP 141

High affinity MDM2 inhibitor

Tocris™ GSK 2194069

Potent human fatty acid synthase (hFASN) inhibitor

Tocris™ TAK 960 hydrochloride

Potent and selective PLK1 inhibitor

Tocris™ Neuromedin N

Neurotensin-like peptide

Tocris™ Cetrorelix Acetate

Potent GnRH receptor antagonist

Tocris™ Lei-Dab 7

High affinity, selective KCa2.2 blocker

Tocris™ Huwentoxin XVI

Potent and reversible N-type Ca2+ channel blocker

Tocris™ Somatostatin

Influences growth hormone release

Tocris™ WWL 113

Ces3 and Ces1f inhibitor