Freeze Drying Shelves

Labconco™ Shelves for FreeZone™ Freeze Dryers

Accommodate bulk samples, microtiter plates, vials, or serum bottles for bulk drying applications.

Labconco™ Heated Product Shelf Chambers

Allows drying of bulk samples, or drying of serum bottles, vials or microplates. Labconco Heated Product Shelf Chambers are wireless and removable so that they may be placed in freezer for pre-freezing.

Labconco™ Heated Shelves with Sensors

Used to monitor sample or shelf temperature

Labconco™ Wire Racks for FreeZone™ Freeze-Dry Systems

Attach to FreeZone™ Freeze Dryers to provide support for glassware on drying chambers or manifolds.