pH & Electrochemistry


pH and electrochemistry meters and related products are used to assess acidity and alkalinity, conductivity, specific ion concentrations, and dissolved oxygen in water, wastewater, and other solutions. Electrochemistry meters may measure a single parameter (like pH) or they may be multiparameter meters, capable of performing a combination of tests (pH plus conductivity, for example).

Electrochemistry meters are used with various probes and electrodes designed for specific purposes or types of solutions. Electrodes with epoxy bodies are useful for testing food, beverages, and other materials where broken glass could be a problem. Other electrodes are made to withstand higher than usual impact; for use with solutions that contain large particulates; and for compatibility with biological buffers

Electrodes must be carefully stored and maintained for optimal performance. It’s important to select the right storage bottles and electrode filling, cleaning, rinsing, and storage accessories.

Electrochemistry meters also require regular calibration and maintenance. Standard and certified pH buffers as well as conductivity and specific ion standards are available. Other accessories include electrode supports, bulb guards, cables, connectors, and adapters.

Electrochemistry meters may be designed for benchtop use or portable for field or other remote use. Some portable units have integral electrodes and are also waterproof.

Indicator paper and test strips are another simple, portable, and qualitative way to quickly determine pH and other analytes. The paper or strips contain chemical indicators that produce color reactions. A comparison chart (included) helps to interpret the results. Available in various pH ranges, these are sometimes called “litmus” paper.


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