Arcor Electronics Multiple-Use Bare Copper Wire

Solid soft drawn annealed copper wire

Arcor Electronics Chromel™ Wire

Provides very efficient heating

Arcor Electronics Nickel-Chromium Wire

For making inoculating needles and loops

Brady™ Stainless Steel Safety Wire

Stainless Steel Safety Wire for use with wire twister pliers.

Hoefer™ Platinum Wire

Replacement platinum wire, 0.01 in. diameter

Eisco™ Platinum Wire Loop Products for Science Education

Housed in a glass tube and fused onto a glass handle for ease of use and safety. Eisco™ Platinum Wire Loop is designed for use in flame tests.

Eisco™ Electrical Connecting Leads Products for Science Education

Insulated, featuring an alligator style clamp on one end and a 4 mm plug on the other.

Eisco™ Crocodile Lead Set Products for Science Education

Crocodile lead set includes 10 leads, each with a crocodile clip at both ends covered with a plastic sleeve. Leads provide a sturdy, safe tool for conducting electricity experiments.