Teaching Supplies

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Shaking Water Baths Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Shaking water baths support a range of sensitive life science and QA/QC applications, from warming fragile reagents to tissue culturing and genetics sequencing.

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Circulating Water Baths

Achieve outstanding temperature uniformity for your samples with perimeter-directed water flow on Precision circulating water baths. Featuring advanced temperature controller.

Starfish Products for Science Education

Pisaster sp.

Fisherbrand™ Powder-Free Exam Vinyl Gloves

All gloves are 100% air tested.

Eisco Human Articulated Painted Musculature Skeleton Model, Hanging

This full articulated skeleton includes a ring mount and hanging stand. Skeleton model is life size, and hand painted on left side to show muscular points of origin and insertion.

EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Prism

Experiment with diffraction, spectrum formation, and more! The EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Prism is ideal for studying the spectrum of light in a kinesthetically and visually effective manner.

Eisco Plant Cell Model

Detailed structure of typical plant cell magnified 50 million times.

EISCO Garage Physics Large Trebuchet DIY Kit

Kit engages the young learner to discover new ideas about the physical world through assembly and play. EISCO Garage Physics Large Trebuchet DIY Kit kits contain pre-cut wooden pieces that resemble woodworking projects.

EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table

Make dissection easy with the proper tools. The EISCO Economy Three-Legged Force Table is great for student benchtops as it does not take up much space and is collapsible.

EISCO Free Fall Apparatus

Accurately study measure free falls. The EISCO Free Fall Apparatus allows the study of acceleration due to gravity via free fall and pendulum levers. Supplied with a manual but without timer and photogate system.

Fisherbrand™ Digital Auto-Range Multimeter

Designed specifically for scientific equipment, this unit automatically selects proper range when testing electrical functions of instruments and their power sources

Eisco Visual Scientifics Replacement Spring for Hooke's Law

This replacement spring is durable, stretchable, and compressible. This spring is designed for use in the Visual Scientifics Hooke's Law Kit.

EISCO Specific Gravity Metal Cylinder Set

Set of four different metal cylinders.

Fisher Chemical™ Permount™ Mounting Medium

For both mounting and long-term storage of slides

LaMotte™ Aquaponics Kit

LaMotte™ Aquaponics test kit monitors basic water quality for both the aquaculture and hydroponics segments of your system

Eisco Clear Reagent Bottle with Screw Cap

High quality, borosilicate glass flask. Pouring ring for drip free pouring and clean.

LaMotte™ Soil Microbe Hunter™ Activities

Students apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to the exploration of microbes that they encounter every day.

LaMotte™ Hydroponics 4-Way Test Kit

Lamotte™ Hydroponics 4-Way Tesk Kit offers tests for pH and three key nutrient factors: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Celestron™ Flipview 5MP LCD Portable Microscope

Digital handheld microscope with 5MP LCD screen

Eisco Assorted Metal Cubes

Set of six cubes.

Eisco Giant Periodic Table, 8 x 4

Updated periodic table includes new elements Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson

EISCO Double Concave Glass Lenses

Perform experiments with high quality, optically true lenses. EISCO Double Concave Glass Lenses are made of optically worked, highly polished glass with ground edges.

3B Scientific™ Advanced Manual Inflate Large Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

Fast and accurate blood pressure measurement. The 3B Scientific Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Monitor is equipped with a Pressure Rating Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat feature.

Justrite™ Wood Laminate Corrosives Safety Cabinet

Store corrosives on the floor or at workbench level. The Justrite™ Wood Laminate Corrosives Safety Cabinet is perfect for smaller quantities used at workbench level and ideal for safely storing highly corrosive liquids such as phenol, nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

GSC Go Science Crazy New York Demonstration Balance

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of torque and its properties. The GSC New York Demonstration Balance helps demonstrate the relationship between length of the lever arm, moment of force, and amount of force. The unit is designed to help students to understand the principles of torque and its properties.