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classroom furniture

Classrooms and student laboratories are designed to support learning and exploration. You’ll find a variety of classroom furniture options to help you build a new lab, renovate an existing space, or refresh your current setup.

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  • Classroom lab tables and workstations
    • Freestanding work areas used by one or more people
    • May be a basic flat surface with four legs or units with storage compartments
    • Made from metal, wood, or a combination of materials
    • Science lab tables for schools may have chemical-resistant work surfaces, include electrical outlets or sinks, and may be fixed or movable
  • Classroom stools and chairs
    • Height
      • Fixed or adjustable heights for sitting, standing, or a sit/stand combination
      • Work Surface Height → Seat Height
      • 29 to 31 in. → 16 to 21 in.
      • 32 to 36 in. → 18 to 24 in.
      • 37 to 42 in. → 22 to 32 in.
    • Design
      • Foot rings add stability and support proper posture when work surface heights are more than 32 in.
      • Backrests may be adjusted horizontally and/or vertically
      • Classroom chairs may be armless or have fixed or adjustable armrests
    • Materials
      • Bases may be made of nylon, chrome, or metal
      • Solid polyurethane (PU) seats offer easy cleaning and anti-static properties
      • Upholstered cloth or vinyl seat covers come in a variety of colors
      • Stools can be metal or wood, padding is optional
    • Mobility
      • Soft rubber casters are best for concrete, tile, or vinyl floors
      • Hard nylon casters are best for carpeted floors
      • Nylon glides can be used for added safety
    • Classroom storage cases and bookcases
      • Include display cases, specimen cabinets, and small equipment storage units for microscopes and balances
      • Other open and closed storage cabinets are also available
    • Classroom fume hoods and enclosures
      • Designed for handling toxic or hazardous substances
      • May be ducted or ductless

Other furniture options include storage cabinets, seating configurations, fixed metal or wooden casework, and mobile workstations. 


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