Classroom Clamps and Supports

Fisherbrand™ Lab Jacks Products for Science Education

Precise height adjustment with the turn of a knob.

Eisco™ Funnel and Burette Stand Combined Products for Science Education

Made up of wood and polished with clamping screws.

Eisco™ Chemistry Lab Starter Set Products for Science Education

This basic chemistry lab set consists of: 1 retort base, 1 rod, 1 retort ring (75mmdia) 1 retort ring (100mmdia), 1 double burette clamp, 1 2-prong adjustable clamp.

United Scientific Supplies Laboratory Jacks Products for Science Education

Easily adjust with the simple turn of a knob. The United Scientific Supplies Laboratory Jacks are constructed of a durable combination of chemically resistant anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Eisco™ Boss Head Products for Science Education

Will hold flat articles such as rules, magnets, drawing board etc.

Eisco™ Beaker Tongs Products for Science Education

Standard beaker tongs to be used in a chemistry or biology labs.

Eisco™ General Use Crucible Tong Products for Science Education

Crucible tongs for flasks, test tubes, dry ice and other laboratory items.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ Autoclave Safe Bag Clips Products for Science Education

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ Autoclave Safe Bag Clips can be opened and closed with one hand to easily and securely close the gathered top of an autoclave bag after it has been filled with wastes.

Eisco™ Flask Tongs Products for Science Education

Give a firm grip to flasks of any shape from 100 to 2,000mL.

Eisco™ Laboratory Scissor Jack Products for Science Education

Crank the adjustable knob to adjust the height of laboratory items with these sturdy steel laboratory scissor jacks. The jacks provide stable support for various types of laboratory equipment.

Eisco™ Retort Stand Base and Rod Assembly Products for Science Education

This premium steel “A” base provides a sturdy 3 point foundation for a wide array of lab activities that require stability and safety.

Eisco™ Stainless-Steel Lab Scissor Jack Products for Science Education

With smooth and easy movements.

United Scientific Supplies Lattice Lab System Products for Science Education

Organize lab apparatus for a clean and efficient environment. The United Scientific Supplies Lattice Lab System is a lightweight flexible set of support rods and clamps that allows a wide range of lab apparatus to be assembled and securely supported.

Eisco™ Premium Three Finger Clamp w/ Dual Screw Adjustments Products for Science Education

Choose durable lab equipment that will last for years. The EISCO Premium Three Finger Clamp w/ Dual Screw Adjustments is an industrial three finger, rubber-coated extension lab clamp with dual screw adjustments.

Eisco™ Alcohol Burner Stand Products for Science Education

Designed to accommodate most standard alcohol burners.

Eisco™ Double Burette Clamp Products for Science Education

Suited to hold two burettes up to 100mL.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Retort Base Products for Science Education

This base meets all international standards and is manufactured of over 4 lb. of sturdy cast iron before being power coated with a chemical resistant, visually aesthetic, blue paint.

SP Scienceware™ Economy Support Stand Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Wider platform is rustproof.

Eisco™ Metalware Set Products for Science Education

One each base, rod, boss head, clamp and retort ring.

Eisco™ Boss Head Thermometer Holder Products for Science Education

Great way to suspend a thermometer.

Eisco™ Buret Rack Products for Science Education

Excellent solution for storing and protecting burets in the lab.

Eisco™ H-Shape Retort Stand Products for Science Education

The “H” Shape Base Retort Stand provides a sturdy base for retort rods (rod not included).

Eisco™ Metal ware Set Products for Science Education

This cast iron metal ware set consists of: 1 cast base (25x26cm), 1 rod, 1 boss head clamp, 1 3-prong dual adjusting clamp, 1 cast iron ring clamp (50mmdia) and 1 cast iron ring clamp (100mm dia).

Metal Retort Base with 2 Holes Products for Science Education

One hole located center top of the base for standard ring stand use. The other hole is centered along the long side for titrations and specific gravity determination.

Eisco™ Steel Rods Products for Science Education

Choice of rods for all stand bases.

United Scientific Supplies Round Buret Clamps Products for Science Education

Excellent for holding small objects.

Eisco™ Triangular Base w/ Rod, Base 6.7 in. wide, Rod 19.7 in. long, .4 in. (11mm) dia Products for Science Education

6.75 in. Cast Iron black or blue base paired with a Steel rod 20 in. 11mm in diameter. Rod is threaded 10 x 1.5mm Base provides 3 points of support for stability.

Eisco™ Superior Stand and Rod Set Products for Science Education

The EISCO Superior Stand and Rod Set is a stand and rod for lab use.

GSC Go Science Crazy Clamp Holder Products for Science Education

A cast iron clamp which can rotate, and is used to hold objects on a support rod