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Simplifying Immune Oncology Research

By using a patient’s own immune cells to attack cancer cells, immunotherapy has shown positive results, including total remission in some cases.

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Nobel Prize Awarded to Scientists for Cryo-Electron Microscopy

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the three scientists who developed cryo-electron microscopy — a technique that revolutionizes biochemistry.

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The First Lab Freeze Dryer for Continuous Sublimation

The dual-condenser design of BUCHI™ Lyovapor™ Freeze Dryers lets you start your next lyophilization without down time.

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Screen Time Before Bed Has Greater Effect on Teens and Children

In a new study, researchers find that screen time before bed is more disruptive to the sleep patterns of children and teens.

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A Better Way to Culture Your Cells

Deciding whether to culture your cells under hypoxic conditions is just one of the many choices that can positively impact your cell culture work.

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