Reduce Strain with Ergonomically Certified Gloves

Q: What are ergonomics?

A: Ergonomics refers to the interaction between one’s musculoskeletal system and one’s workspace. The musculoskeletal system includes muscles, bones, ligaments, and other connective tissue that allow the body to move.

Q: Why are ergonomics important?

A: Work can add serious strain to the musculoskeletal system, especially with repetitive tasks, working at awkward angles, moving heavy objects, or other actions that require a high degree of hand force. This can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS), including carpel tunnel, tendinitis, and trigger finger.

Q: How can using the wrong glove negatively impact musculoskeletal health?

A: Glove stiffness and poor grip increase the force needed to perform tasks, especially those requiring repetitive motion or prolonged exertion. More force means more strain, which can eventually lead to muscle fatigue, pain, and injury.

Q: What is Ergonomic Product Certification?

A: According to United States Ergonomics, “A product that has received certification provides measurable ergonomic benefits to the user by improving comfort and fit and by minimizing the risk factors that may cause injuries.” An ergonomically certified glove is rigorously tested in controlled laboratory tests and used extensively in actual working environments.

Q: What are the characteristics of an ergonomically certified glove?

A: Ergonomic gloves are made of strong yet elastic materials, provide optimal fit and comfort, and are textured or formulated for a confident grip.

Q: How are ergonomic gloves tested?

A: Measurements are both objective and subjective. The former may include electromyography measurements of the amount of effort exerted by individual hand muscles while performing assigned tasks. The latter may be gathered through controlled user surveys of comfort and user experience before and after tasks are completed.

Q: What is Ansell ERGOFORM technology?

A: ERGOFORM design technology enables Ansell to develop hand protection that supports musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks and improves worker performance. Over time, the use of ERGOFORM gloves may lead to less work loss, fewer injuries, and more consistent quality and productivity. Products with these certifications have been tested in state-of-the-art ergonomics laboratories and have been shown to provide measurable advantages to user comfort and long-term hand and arm muscle health.

Which ANSELL gloves incorporate ERGOFORM technology?

  • MICROFLEX Ultraform UF-524
  • MICROFLEX Neogard C52
  • TouchNTuff 73-300 & 73-500
  • AlphaTec 58-128