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Our packaging enhancements provide a smarter, greener, and safer way to conduct research and transport products while helping to prevent costly accidents. Compliant with all applicable government regulations, our packaging solutions are designed to keep you safe, preserve the integrity of your chemicals, protect the environment, and provide convenient handling and storage.

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Designed for Your Safety


Safety Info via QR Codes

React quickly to safety issues with Fisher Chemical QR codes. Scan the QR code on the label with a smartphone or tablet for instant access to SDS and CofA.

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FisherLOCK Tamper-Evident Caps

FisherLOCK™ caps give you easy and reliable access to your chemicals while protecting their quality—and keeping you and your lab safe. Lock in quality with our exclusive color-coded, tamper-evident, and patented design.

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Safe-Cote Protects You and Your Chemicals

Designed for storing and dispensing solvents and acids, Safe-Cote™ bottles provide the purity of glass and most of the benefits of plastic. If they break, the design helps to limit and trap glass fragments and liquids, protecting the researcher and preserving chemical integrity.

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Borosilicate Glass Bottles

Our Product Offerings Include:

Square Poly Bottles

Our award-winning recyclable polyethylene bottles are designed for safety and convenience, with a square shape that minimizes the storage space required for bottles.


Specialized Acid Containers

Fisher Chemical™ Optima™ Acids remain ultrapure in Teflon™ bottles that have been pretreated to minimize leaching and preserve the purity of contents.


Amber Glass Bottles

Designed to promote quality and reliability, amber glass bottles are used to package photosensitive chemicals to protect them from light.



Borosilicate Glass Bottles

Our borosilicate bottles significantly reduce contamination from metal cations (Na+ and K+) compared to soda-lime glass.


Plastic Bottles

Available when chemical properties are compatible, plastic bottles minimize the risk of breakage while providing lighter-weight packaging and easier, more economical shipping.


Aluminum Cans

With a lightweight, seamless construction that is designed to contain ethers, this option features a tamper-evident cap with pouring handle. They are pure aluminum, which minimizes Na+ and K+ adduct formation.

High-Volume Solvent Delivery Systems

We offer environmentally friendly solvent-handling solutions for virtually unlimited applications to enhance safety and improve productivity within your lab.

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Going Green

Going Green

Steps you can take to make your lab greener:

  1. Order your favorite Fisher Chemical products in EcoSafPak packaging manufactured by an SFI-certified manufacturer
  2. Consolidate orders or combine purchases with neighbor labs
  3. Order in cases instead of bottles, eliminating three times the packaging materials and lowering cost by one-third
  4. Utilize your local stockroom for small and urgent purchases to reduce packaging materials and CO2 emissions while avoiding expensive freight charges
EcoSafPak Packaging

EcoSafPak Packaging

We now deliver all 4 × 4 L, 1 × 4 L, 6 × 1 L, 6 × 500 mL, 1 × 2.5 L, 1 × 1 L, 1 × 500 mL, 2 × 4 L, 2 × 1 L, and 2 × 500 mL glass bottles (including the Safe-Cote™ glass bottles) of your favorite products in eco-friendly, Styrofoam™-free EcoSafPak packaging manufactured by an SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)-certified manufacturer.

EcoSafPak packaging minimizes the use of non-recyclable material by employing revolutionary Hexacomb-design inserts that are fully recyclable, versatile, sturdy, and durable.

Improved Safety and Handling:

  • EcoSafPak is the only package of its kind to pass the demanding ISTA (International Safe Transport Association) “3A” test, consisting of:
  1. 17 drops to simulate real-world parcel shipment handling
  2. Shock testing
  3. Vibration testing
  • Constructed with shock-absorbing corrugated material
  • Greater stability in the frame of the box
  • Staggered handholds for ease of transport

The EcoSafPak is now manufactured by an SFI-certified manufacturer committed to:

  • The premise that responsible environmental behavior and sound business decisions can co-exist
  • A comprehensive system of principles, objectives, and performance measures developed by professional foresters, conservationists, and scientists
  • Promoting the perpetual growth and harvest of trees with the long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water

SFI’s Nine Objectives:

  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Responsible Practices
  • Reforestation and Productive Capacity
  • Forest Health and Productivity
  • Long-Term Forest and Soil Productivity
  • Protection of Water Resources
  • Protection of Special Sites and Biological Diversity
  • Legal Compliance
  • Continual Improvement
Pressure-Sensitive Safety Labels

Pressure-Sensitive Safety Labels


These highly visible labels are GHS-compliant and refer to ChemAlert™ colors that match FisherLOCK™ caps to promote safe handling and storage of chemicals and solvents.

  • The larger label surface provides better visibility for the chemical name and its attributes, including full product name, purity grade, catalog number, lot number, package size, and maximum number of impurities, as well as precautionary signal words, GHS pictograms, and a list of potential health hazards (both acute and chronic) of the product described on the label.
  • The Fisher Chemical ChemAlert™ Guide provides concise personal-protection information, including the Safety Code, NFPA Code, and a Storage Code guide. The "Date Received" space is left blank, so you can write in the date the product was received to assist in inventory control.
  • Each label contains U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) shipping information, including DOT Proper Shipping Name and UN/NA Number identifying the United Nations/North American numerical designation for transportation hazards.
  • The bar code on each label meets the Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) Supplier Labeling Standard prepared by the HIBC Council.

For more safety information, visit our stockroom page

QR Codes

Fisher Chemical Labels Deliver CofA + SDS Via QR Codes

Use your smartphone to read QR codes on Fisher Chemical labels. It's the fast way to download safety data sheets (SDS) and Certificates of Analysis (CofA).

Deliver important safety and handling information to your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Use the QR code reader on your mobile device to quickly access SDS for select Fisher Chemical products:

  • Available on most Fisher Chemical and Fisher Bioreagents™ dry and liquid chemicals and solvents—Start Searching Now
  • Eliminate delays in responding to a safety issue
  • Send to your email or printer
  • Store it for later use
Optima UHPLC/MSIdeal mobile phase for UHPLC-MS applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental, and food safety industries
Optima LC/MSIdeal mobile phase for LC/MS and UHPLC-UV applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental, and food safety industries
OptimaHPLC, GC, plasma/ICP, spectrophotometry, and pesticide residue analysis
HPLCHPLC and spectrophotometry procedures
Certified ACSAnalytical applications requiring tight specifications
Certified ACS PlusAnalytical applications with tighter metal specifications
CertifiedGeneral analytical procedures
Environmental GradeHPLC, trace-organic analysis, environmental testing
GC HeadspacePerformance tested to ensure absence of trace level ICH residual solvents
PesticideGC with electron capture detector (ECD), pesticide residue analysis
USP/NF/FCC/EP/BP/JPFood and drug laboratories, biological testing
TraceMetal™Primarily used in digestion of samples prior to instrument (ICP) analysis
Laboratory, Technical, and ReagentManufacturing and general laboratory use

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