Impacto Protective Products

Impacto™ Cush'N Step Anti-Fatigue Flat Insoles

Cellular cushioning open cell foam flat insoles

Impacto™ Universal Wrist Support

Impacto™ wrist support provides protection from repetitive strain injuries

Impacto™ Air Tennis Elbow Support

Impacto™ Air Tennis Elbow Support helps alleviate pain caused by lateral epicondylitis, provides support and helps prevent injuries.

IMPACTO™ Memory Foam Antifatigue Insoles

IMPACTO™ Memory Foam Antifatigue Insoles are designed to provide comfort, impact absorption and support to help reduce fatigue when standing on hard surfaces for long periods.


TOES2GO Steel Toe Cap Protects the toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing.

Impacto™ Hard Shell Knee Pad

Provides stability when working on your knee

Impacto™ Posture Pal Lumbar Cushion

Provides comfort and support to the lower back when sitting for long periods

Impacto™ Impacto™ Protective Tracmates Antislip Safety Soles

For use on any slippery surface where there is risk of injury due to falling

IMPACTO™ RHINOTUFF™ Puncture Resistant Insoles

RHINOTUFF™ Puncture Resistant Insoles are designed to fit into most types of work boots and shoes.

IMPACTO™ TURBOTOE™ Steel Safety Toe Cap

IMPACTO™ TURBOTOE Steel Safety Toe Cap protects the toe area from impact, crushing or stubbing. Recommended for use in construction and heavy work environments that carries a risk of toe damage.

Impacto™ Honeycomb Gel Comfort Kneepad

Impacto™ Honeycomb kneepads offer gel padding to disperse pressure and textured cover for easy sliding.

Impacto™ Kneeling Mat

Impacto™ kneeling mat is made with heavy, resilient closed-cell foam and has a built-in convenient handle.

Impacto™ Large Kneeling Mat

Impacto™ Large Kneeling Mat, designed for severe kneeling conditions, will not compress or absorb liquids

Impacto™ Fingerless VEP-Padded Gloves with Suede Wrist Support

With VEP padding in the palm and thumb web area

IMPACTO™ DRYRIGGER CoolRig Oil and Water Resistant Glove

Help prevent hairline fractures, bruising and pinched fingers. The DRYRIGGER CoolRig Oil and Water Resistant Gloves protect the hand and fingers from impact and abrasion.

IMPACTO™ Anti-Impact Glove Liner

Constructed of stretch polycotton. The Anti-Impact Glove Liner provides impact and vibration protection.

Impacto™ Anti-Vibration Full Finger Mechanic Style Glove

Impacto™ Anti-Vibration Full Finger Mechanic Style Gloves are designed for comfort, protection and dexterity. Synthetic suede leather and silicone dots provide excellent wear, flexibility, and grip.

Impacto™ Full Finger Anti-Fatigue Thermo Glove

Impacto™ Full Finger Anti-Fatigue Thermo Glove keeps hands warm while providing therapeutic support, and compression

Impacto™ Anti-Impact Trigger Finger Glove

Protection from vibration and impact

Impacto™ Tool Grip Impact Fingerless Gloves

With impact and shock absorbing VEP padding in the palm and between the thumb and index finger

Impacto™ Anti-Vibration Full Finger Leather Air Glove

Impacto™ Anti-Vibration Full Finger Leather Air Gloves, made of cowhide leather, offer the best durability in abrasive environments

Impacto™ Full-Finger Impact Gloves

With impact absorbing visco-elastic polymer padding, VEP padding in palm

Impacto™ Palm and Side Impact Gloves

0.125 in. impact absorbing VEP padding on the palm, edge and back of hand