Johannes Lieder PREMIUM QUALITY Prepared Microslide: Female Chromosomes Products for Science Education

Smear from blood culture spread in stage of metaphase for individual chromosomes.

Sensory Organs and Nervous System Detail Set Products for Science Education

Take a unique look at the senses.

Mendelian Laws, Modification, and Mutation Products for Science Education

The laws that govern heredity.

Our Environment, Threats, and Protection Products for Science Education

Presents the human actions that threaten our environment and what needs to be done to change the course.

Prepared Individual Microscope Slides Products for Science Education

High-quality microscope slides, manufactured under rigorous control to meet all scientific requirements.

Digestive System Detail Set Products for Science Education

A closer look at the digestive system.

The Wonder of the Animal Cell Products for Science Education

Study of the basic element of all living organisms.

Botany in the Classroom Products for Science Education

Study of plant-derived foodstuffs and human nourishment.

Johannes Lieder PREMIUM QUALITY Prepared Microscopy Slide Set: Phanerogams Part I Products for Science Education

Microscopic slides of roots and stems of flowering plants in set of ten.

Johannes Lieder™ Multimedia - Packages For Teachers and Students Products for Science Education

For interactive learning and teaching in school and education.

Heredity and Genetics of Man Products for Science Education

Two-part study based on the latest findings in human genetics.

Biotopes and Ecosystems Products for Science Education

Details how habitats left in their natural state are becoming increasingly rare.

Multimedia Package: Invertebrates Products for Science Education

Study invertebrate slides including earthworm, starfish, hydra and more.

Multimedia Package: Histology I Products for Science Education

Human and animal histology slides including skin, lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys and more.

The Origin of Life and Evolution Products for Science Education

Evolution's road from no life to stellar, chemical and organic life.

Histology of Mammalia, Advanced Set Products for Science Education

High-quality set with 50 more slides for broader look.

Human Pathology Set Products for Science Education

Fifteen quality slides of diseased human tissue.

Respiratory and Circulatory System Detail Set Products for Science Education

A representative set of 10 slides.

Rocks and Minerals Slide Sets Products for Science Education

Identify forms, colors, refraction and fossil inclusions.

The Wonder of the Plant Cell Products for Science Education

The multifaceted forms that plant cells can adopt.

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms Products for Science Education

Fruiting bodies displayed in situ.

Plant Cell Slide Set Products for Science Education

Plant tissues from root tip to flower parts.

Johannes Lieder Multimedia Student Set: Parasites of man and animals Products for Science Education

Consists of basic package of six items of Parasites of man and animals.

Multimedia Package: Insects Products for Science Education

Observe a variety of insect parts with this interactive learning tool.

General Biology Slide Set A, CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Features photomicrographs, a testing program, and copy masters.