Medivibe Technology Ltd.

Adjustable Tuning Fork <img src=

Adjustable Tuning Fork Products for Science Education

Precision-grade aluminum alloy.

Tuning Fork Activator <img src=

Tuning Fork Activator Products for Science Education

No-hands activator for tuning forks.

Tuning Fork Block <img src=

Tuning Fork Block Products for Science Education

Keep tuning forks safe from damage and easily accessible.

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks <img src=

Diatonic Scale Tuning Forks Products for Science Education

Harmonious chords familiar to piano players!

Resonance Tube Kit <img src=

Resonance Tube Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the principles of resonance

Tuning Fork Mallet <img src=

Tuning Fork Mallet Products for Science Education

Suitable for use on all tuning forks

Vibrating Tube Set <img src=

Vibrating Tube Set Products for Science Education

Excellent apparatus for demonstrating vibration and beat phenomenon.

Doppler Effect Demo Kit <img src=

Doppler Effect Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Uses 256Hz, 512Hz and 1024Hz frequencies