Parter Medical Products

Parter Medical Products™, Inc., (PMP) manufactures single-use plastic laboratory products for healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical research.

It also has a Contract Sterilization Division that offers various sizes of ethylene oxide sterilizers that can process from 0.5- to 6-pallet vessels.

Founded in 1984, PMP is located in Los Angeles, CA, near the LAX airport and the port of Long Beach. It is registered with both the State of California and the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

PMP’s product lines include:

  • Petri dishes: High optics
  • Specimen cups: Sterile and nonsterile; for transport and storage
  • Urine collection products: Midstream collection, 24-hour urine containers
  • Drosophila products: Bottles and vials

PMP Petri dishes are made from virgin polystyrene. They offer an optical clarity that permits unimpaired observation and is suitable for micro photography. They are engineered for flatness to provide uniform agar thicknesses and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Specimen cups are graduated with top and bottom positive grip knurls for easier opening and closing, even when wearing gloves. Made from shatter-resistant virgin high-clarity polypropylene, they are also stackable. The virgin polyethylene dual thread screw caps have leak-resistant seals and are available in various colors.

Sterile cups are gamma irradiated to SAL-10 and have a security tab label. Choose flexible Classic Taper Sides or the more robust Straight Side format. Containers that are sterile both inside and out are individually wrapped. Although the containers are intended for single-use, polypropylene may be autoclaved.

PMP products may include proprietary features:

  • PMP™ EZ-UP™ Spout Caps (for 24-hour urine containers)
  • PMP™ Sure-Seal™ integrated sealing system
  • PMP™ Sure-Lok™ proof-of-closure system

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