Red Kap Industries

Bulwark™ Excel FR™ Arc-Rated Coveralls

Exceptional fit and protection

VF Workwear Bulwark Excel-FR™ Lab Coats Get IT Item

Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 7.7 calories/cm2

Bulwark™ EXCEL FR™ Long Sleeve Tagless Henley Mens Shirts

Designed with flame-resistant fabric, 210g/m2 (6.25 oz.) Interlock FR 100% Cotton

Bulwark™ EXCEL FR™ ComforTouch™ 7 oz. Dress Uniform Shirts

Designed with flame-resistant fabric, 7 oz. (235g/m2) 88% Cotton/12% Nylon

Bulwark™ Nomex™ IIIA HRC1 Lab Coats

Constructed with flame-resistant Nomex IIIA fabric

Bulwark™ Concealed Snap Front Cotton Lab Coats

Flame-resistant coats ideal for manufacturing industry or in university labs

VF Workwear Red Kap Men's Lab Coats

With four-button closure

VF Imagewear Counter Coats

Blazer style with rounded front

Bulwark™ Concealed Snap Front Nomex Lab Coats

Comprised of 93% Nomex Aramid, 5% Kevlar™ Aramid and 2% other fibers

VF Workwear Bulwark Excel-FR™ ComforTouch™ HRC2 Work Pants

Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 12.2 calories/cm2

VF Workwear Red Kap Twill Action-Back Coveralls

Action back provides extra room for movement