Simport Scientific

Simport™ Scientific Polyethylene Flange Plug Caps

Available with two flexible flanges to ensure leakproof seal

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M510 Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

A new generation of cassettes that are more compact and easier to use

Simport™ Scientific CoreDish™ Biopsy Containers

Allows for safe and easy transport of specimens from collection to analysis.

Simport™ Scientific Disposable Base Molds

Inexpensive enough to be discarded after use, yet strong enough to be reused

Simport™ Scientific Capinsert™ For Cryovial Tubes

Inserts fit precisely into the cap of the Cryovial™ for color identification

Simport™ Scientific Sample Tubes with External Threads - Ungraduated

Smooth and uniform inner surface with reduced risk of contamination

Simport™ Scientific Septum Screw Cap for Sample Tubes

Made to fit and be used with Simport sample tubes (T501 series)

Simport™ Scientific Swingsette™ Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Disposable plastic cassettes hold tissue specimens during processing, embedding and storage

Simport™ Scientific E-Z LOAD™ Histosette™ II Tissue Cassette Bases

For use with Micro Writer™, Shur/Mark™ and Lamb™ cassette labeling instruments

Simport™ Scientific Screw Caps

Polyethylene cap for self-standing non sterile transport tubes

Simport™ Scientific Disposable Culture Tubes

Made of polypropylene. Simport™ Scientific Disposable Culture Tubes are deal for use in bacteriology, RIA, coagulation and other routine laboratory procedures.

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M511 Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

A new generation of cassettes featuring four square compartments

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M509 Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

A new generation of cassettes that are more compact and easier to use

Simport™ Scientific CytoSep™ Filter Papers for Shandon Cytospin 4™ Centrifuges

For double and single funnels fitting Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Cytospin 4™ Cytocentrifuges

Simport™ Scientific CytoSep™ Funnel Chambers for Hettich Cyto-Systems: Filters

Use with Hettich Cytosep funnel chambers to optimize lab throughput.

Simport™ Scientific Urine Collection URISAFE™ Containers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

User-friendly to both patients and laboratory personnel

Simport™ Scientific MICROMESH™ Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Offer large square 27mm compartment, perfect even for needle biopsies