Simport Scientific

Simport™ Scientific PCRack™

Designed especially for storing and working with PCR samples

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M509SL Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes in QuickLoad™ Sleeves

A new generation of cassettes, prepackaged for use in automatic cassette labeling instruments

Simport™ Scientific T310 Series Cryovials

Designed for storing biological material, human or animal cells, these cryovials are compatible with most storage systems

Simport™ Scientific Capinserts™

Made of polypropylene

Simport™ Scientific CytoSep™ Funnels for Shandon™ Cytospin 4™ Centrifuges

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon Cytospin 4 Centrifuges

Simport™ Scientific MultiRack™ Tube Racks

Compact, lightweight and stackable. Simport™ Scientific MultiRack™ Tube Racks are composed of a chemical-resistant acetal polymer that won't shatter or stain.

Simport™ Scientific Stainless-Steel Base Molds

For applications in specimen embedding with Simport embedding rings and cassettes

Simport™ Scientific CoreDish™ Biopsy Containers

Allows for safe and easy transport of specimens from collection to analysis.

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M511 Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

A new generation of cassettes featuring four square compartments

Simport™ Scientific Tamper Evident Self-Standing Transport Tubes

For all applications requiring tamper evident seal for utmost security and sample integrity

Simport™ Scientific SlideFile™ Storage System

The most convenient, organized, and versatile way of storing 75 × 25mm or 3 × 1 in. microscope slides

Simport™ Scientific MICROMESH™ Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Offer large square 27mm compartment, perfect even for needle biopsies

Simport™ Scientific Drosophila Stock Bottles

Polypropylene bottles for small volume testing and drosophila stock

Simport™ Scientific Disposable Base Molds

Inexpensive enough to be discarded after use, yet strong enough to be reused

Simport™ Scientific M480 Disposable Embedding Cassettes

For holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding and sectioning procedures during in vitro diagnostics

Simport™ Scientific CytoSep™ Filter Papers for Shandon Cytospin 4™ Centrifuges

For double and single funnels fitting Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Cytospin 4™ Cytocentrifuges

Simport™ Scientific Screw Caps

Polyethylene cap for self-standing non sterile transport tubes

Simport™ Scientific SLIMSETTE™ M509 Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

A new generation of cassettes that are more compact and easier to use

Simport™ Scientific Disposable Culture Tubes

Made of polypropylene. Simport™ Scientific Disposable Culture Tubes are deal for use in bacteriology, RIA, coagulation and other routine laboratory procedures.

Simport™ Scientific Capinsert™ For Cryovial Tubes

Inserts fit precisely into the cap of the Cryovial™ for color identification