Sirchie Finger Print

Sirchie Red SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Tape <img src=

Sirchie Red SIRCHMARK™ Evidence Tape Products for Science Education

Simply peel the evidence strip away from the liner and apply to evidence.

Fingerprinting Supplies <img src=

Fingerprinting Supplies Products for Science Education

Great for the classroom — clear and accurate fingerprints for forensics projects.

Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit <img src=

Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit Products for Science Education

Self-contained and pre-measured to eliminate all the mess and guesswork.

Circular Evidence Labels <img src=

Circular Evidence Labels Products for Science Education

Accommodate pertinent case information.

Bio-Foam™ Impression Kit <img src=

Bio-Foam™ Impression Kit Products for Science Education

Quick and easy-to-use system makes footwear impressions without damage or contamination.

Adjustable Casting Frame <img src=

Adjustable Casting Frame Products for Science Education

Restrict the flow of casting compounds.

Transparent Lifting Tape <img src=

Transparent Lifting Tape Products for Science Education

Conforms to most surfaces.

Short Plastic Photo Evidence Numbers <img src=

Short Plastic Photo Evidence Numbers Products for Science Education

Crime/Accident photo evidence indicators for forensic and identification photography.

Crime Scene Template <img src=

Crime Scene Template Products for Science Education

Designed to simplify the drawing of difficult objects found at the crime scene.

Portable Fuming Chamber <img src=

Portable Fuming Chamber Products for Science Education

Cyanoacrylate development chamber designed with field use in mind.

Hinge Lifters <img src=

Hinge Lifters Products for Science Education

Sized for multiple fingerprints or full palm prints.

Chain of Custody Labels <img src=

Chain of Custody Labels Products for Science Education

Perfect choice for the permanent marking of evidence.

Micro BlueMaxx™ Light Source <img src=

Micro BlueMaxx™ Light Source Products for Science Education

Provides just the right amount of illumination for searching small areas.

M2 Professional Magnifier <img src=

M2 Professional Magnifier Products for Science Education

Excellent fingerprint magnifier.

Silver/Gray Fluormag™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder <img src=

Silver/Gray Fluormag™ Magnetic Latent Print Powder Products for Science Education

Highly fluorescent for use on multicolored backgrounds.

“Crime Scene Do Not Cross” Barrier Tape <img src=

“Crime Scene Do Not Cross” Barrier Tape Products for Science Education

Helps secure the integrity of a crime scene.

Forensic Entomology Kit <img src=

Forensic Entomology Kit Products for Science Education

Use insects to help solve crimes.

PrintMatic™ Flawless Ink Pad <img src=

PrintMatic™ Flawless Ink Pad Products for Science Education

Revolutionary new concept for recording fingerprints.

ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting Kit <img src=

ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting Kit Products for Science Education

Eliminates the mess and difficulty of mixing plaster.

Photo Evidence Scale for 35mm Format <img src=

Photo Evidence Scale for 35mm Format Products for Science Education

Use when photographing evidence at 1:1 ratio with 35mm film.

Photo Evidence Scale <img src=

Photo Evidence Scale Products for Science Education

Perfect for precise measurement when photographing evidence.

Fuming Hotplate <img src=

Fuming Hotplate Products for Science Education

Accelerate development of cyanoacrylate by using this new fuming hotplate.

Longwave UV Mini Light Source <img src=

Longwave UV Mini Light Source Products for Science Education

For use in crime scene search and forensic applications.

MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit <img src=

MIKROSIL™ Casting Material Kit Products for Science Education

For use when casting small details that need high contrast for microscopic examinations.

Magnetic Powder Applicator <img src=

Magnetic Powder Applicator Products for Science Education

Ideal for precision dusting of small to medium surface areas.

Regular Black Magnetic Latent Print Powder <img src=

Regular Black Magnetic Latent Print Powder Products for Science Education

Uniform textured powder perfect for fingerprinting applications.

Search Latent Print Value Kit <img src=

Search Latent Print Value Kit Products for Science Education

Economical kit for crime scene investigation.

Magic Orange with Pumice <img src=

Magic Orange with Pumice Products for Science Education

Waterless ink cleaner.

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass <img src=

Illuminated Fingerprint Magnifying Glass Products for Science Education

Slips in a shirt or jacket pocket — always ready when you need it.

Evidence Marking Flags <img src=

Evidence Marking Flags Products for Science Education

Make evidence easy to relocate or photograph.