Therapak Corporation

Therapak™ Single Ambient Wide-Mouth System

Designed to be safe and cost effective

Therapak™ TearTech™ 25-Hole Foam Rack

Versatile tube transport system that provides cushioning and protection for blood tubes, urinalysis tubes and many other commonly transported test tubes

Therapak™ IATA Shipping Boxes

Ideal kit packing boxes for reference labs, clinical trials and pathology kits

Therapak™ Single-Specimen Collection

Suitable for on-site testing or remote site collection

Therapak™ Insulated Envelope and Gel Wrap

Provides excellent thermal insulation for transport of temperature-sensitive items

Therapak™ Prostate Biopsy Collection and Transport Kit

Complete with your choice of 6, 8, 12, 14 or 16 prefilled jars with 10mL formalin solution

Therapak™ Exempt Human Specimen (EHS) Ambient Shipping Systems

For hospitals, hospital laboratories and reference laboratory testing

Therapak™ Plastic Duramark™ Lock Boxes

High impact polystyrene construction

Courier Shipping Systems: Lids

Replacement lids for Therapak courier shipping systems

Split Collection Kit

For drugs of abuse testing

Therapak™ Courier Totes

Temperature-sensitive insulation protects the safety and integrity of refrigerated and frozen specimens

Therapak™ Duramark™ Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer

Active solution for the transport of laboratory medical specimens

Therapak™ Car Caddy Systems

Large-capacity specimen transport containers designed to fit most courier vehicles

Courier Shipping Systems

For variable temperature shipments by ground or air

Therapak™ Exempt Animal Specimen (EAS) Ambient Shipping Systems

For use in both regional and national veterinary testing laboratories and hospitals

Therapak™ EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Insulated Shippers

For refrigerated and frozen specimen shipments

Therapak™ Refrigerated Biological Substance Category B Shipping Systems

Certified for ground and air shipments of Biological Substance, Category B specimens

Therapak™ Foam Tube Mailers

Protects fragile specimens and evacuated blood tubes on outbound and inbound shipments

Therapak™ Prostate Biopsy - Histology Cassette Collection and Transport Kit

To collect and transport biopsy tissue to diagnose prostate cancer, neoplasm, the cause of prostate enlargement and other prostate related abnormalities

Therapak™ Coleman™ Xtreme™ Coolers

Extra insulation to provide superior cold retention

Therapak™ Bulk Supply Kits including 45mL Flip Top Vials

Provides the most economical drug testing supply solution in the industry

Therapak™ Biological Substance Category B Ambient Shipping Systems

Include all the necessary marking labels in a convenient format for application at the shipping location

Therapak™ Corporation DuraTemp Electronic Cooler

A dependable tool for transporting valuable diagnostic specimens with minimal maintenance and maximum confidence

Therapak™ Duramark™ Electronic Cooler Replacement Power Cord

Replacement power cord for electronic cooler

Therapak™ Dry Ice Label

Complies with DOT and IATA regulations for all dry ice shipments