YSI™ Accessories for CR 4200 COD Thermoreactor

For use with CR 4200 COD Thermoreactor.

YSI™ Colorimeter Reagents - Chlorine

Chlorine reagents for various colorimeters

YSI™ ProODO Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit

Provides extreme durability for measurement of optical-based dissolved oxygen for any field application

YSI™ Pro20 BOD Lab Kit

Pro20 BOD Lab Kit includes everything from lab to field (or both) along with a probe. Pro20 DO Meter is a tough, smart, versatile and portable dissolved oxygen meter for the lab or field!

YSI™ Model 5239 Field Oxygen/Temperature Probe with Cable

Tough probe to accompany portable DO field-testers

YSI™ Model 550A Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Rugged DO Meter designed for the field

YSI™ Dip-Type Plastic Conductivity Cells

YSI dip-type ABS-plastic conductivity cell for use with YSI conductivity meters (sold separately).

YSI™ 60520 Pro Series DO Cable

Compatible with the YSI Pro Plus or Pro20 handhelds

YSI™ MultiLab Line Benchtop IDS pH Sensors

Sensors maintain their calibration data and prevent recalibration

YSI™ Ultra Clamp for Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meter

For use with Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meters.

YSI™ Pro20 BOD Kit (International)

Includes everything from lab to field along with ProBOD self-stirring BOD probe.

YSI™ 6051010 Pro Series ISE/ISE Cable

Measure any combination of ISEs (pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride) and temperature

YSI™ ProODO™ Water Testing Optical DO Kit

Provides extreme durability for measuring dissolved oxygen with optical, luminescent based technology for field or lab

YSI™ IoLine pH Combination Electrode with Triple Junction, 3-in-1

Self-flushing platinum junction, Iodine/Iodide reference, 3-in-1 electrode with refillable reference electrolyte.

YSI™ Probe Service Kits for YSI Dissolved Oxygen Probes

For replenishing oxygen sensor on YSI Dissolved Oxygen Probes

YSI™ ProPlus Polarographic DO/pH/ORP/Conductivity Quatro Kit w/4m Cable

Includes everything from lab to field along with polarographic DO, pH/ORP and conductivity sensors.