Yellow Springs Instrument (YSI)

YSI™ Professional Plus Multiparameter Meter

Versatile handheld instrument for pH, DO, conductivity and ISE measurements

YSI™ 6051010 Pro Series ISE/ISE Cable

Measure any combination of ISEs (pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride) and temperature

YSI™ ProPlus BOD pH Lab Kit

EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

YSI™ Starter Nickel Reagent Test Kits for EcoSense 9300/9500 Photometer

Nickel test kit for use with for EcoSense 9300 or 9500 Photometers. Eliminate sample preservation by taking your portable, waterproof instruments to the field to perform the analysis on-site. All reagents are safe and easy to use.

YSI™ Model 5239 Field Oxygen/Temperature Probe with Cable

Tough probe to accompany portable DO field-testers

YSI™ Colorimeter Reagents - Chlorine

Chlorine reagents for various colorimeters

YSI™ Professional Series DO, ODO and DO/Conductivity Meters

Compact, handheld instruments provide user-selectable cable lengths and probe options.

YSI™ 626250 ProODO Cable and Probe

Stores calibration data within the sensor, allowing probes to be placed on any ProODO instrument without re-calibration

YSI™ Probe Reconditioning Kit

For YSI Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Probes

YSI™ 60520 Pro Series DO Cable

Compatible with the YSI Pro Plus or Pro20 handhelds

YSI™ Benchtop Conductivity Meters: Model 3200

Measure conductivity, salinity, and temperature, with temperature compensation

YSI™ pHotoFlex™ Colorimeters

Waterproof, multiparameter colorimeters are ideal for laboratory and field testing

YSI™ Dip-Type Plastic Conductivity Cells

YSI dip-type ABS-plastic conductivity cell for use with YSI conductivity meters (sold separately).

YSI™ Conductivity Calibration Standards

NIST-traceable conductivity solutions to calibrate both field instruments and lab instruments and cells together for maximum accuracy

YSI™ Ultra Clamp for Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meter

For use with Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meters.

YSI™ ISE Probes for Pro Series Portable Meters

Field probes for ion concentration measurements.

YSI™ Accessories for CR 4200 COD Thermoreactor

For use with CR 4200 COD Thermoreactor.

YSI™ MultiLab Line Benchtop IDS Conductivity Sensors

Sensors maintain their calibration data and prevent recalibration