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Burrowing Animals May Have Stabilized Earth's Oxygen

The presence of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere is a critical component to life as we know it. But how did our atmosphere come into existence? What events created the oxygen rich air that we breathe?

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Sun Protection Makes Vacation Sense

Those warming rays of the sun have a well-deserved Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reputation. While they generate vitamin D and make us feel great, they also cause skin damage with UV radiation.

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Putting Pluto Into Focus

Humans may be limited to super powers on the big screen, but there are some simple and sometimes unseen creatures, whose super powers are not imaginary at all. Let’s meet some.

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What Does Your "Selfie" Really Say About You?

While some credit the selfie as pure narcissism, others consider them a form of self-expression and a way to control how others perceive us online. But what do those selfies really say about you?

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  • July/September 2015

    Topics include Creating an NGSS Lab; the Science of Fireworks; Why are Dutch People So Tall?; Smartwindows Change Color in Weather

  • April/June 2015

    Topics include 3D Printers and the Consumer Electronics Show; Gold and Platinum Found in Sewage; Chimps Drum with Signature Style; How Fast is the Speed of Light?

  • November/December 2014

    Topics include Shoe insole Charges Your Smartphone; Wearable Health Monitor Untethers Patients; Brazil Approves Use of GMO Mosquitoes; A Drinkable Book?

  • June/July 2014

    Topics include the Physics of Soccer; Dogs Can Sense Mood of Owner; Warmer Temperatures for Better Workouts?; Harvesting Fog Brings Water to Millions

  • March/April 2012

    Topics include Earth Day; It's a Grape Career!; Eye Spy Suspects with DNA; Earth has a Twin?; Online Identity Hits a New Level; Snowflakes - Not Just Frozen Rain

  • January/February 2012

    Topics include Faster Than the Speed of Light; Battle of the Smartphones; Secrets to the Fountain of Youth; Glowing Cats?; The Brain - Your Control Center?; Using DNA to Build Nanomaterials

  • November/December 2011

    Topics include Nuclear Science - Past, Present, and Future; Summer Solstice; Two Sciences that Surround Us; Total Solar Eclipse - A Few Minutes, Experience of a Lifetime.

  • September/October 2011

    Topics include Get Involved with October's Celebration - National Chemistry Week and World Food Day; Saying Goodbye to Shuttle Launches; Cooking with Physicists?

  • April/May 2011

    Topics include Artificial Life Forms Aren't Just Science Fiction Anymore; Lesson Plans that Engage Students; Human Skin vs. The Ozone; New Species of Fish Discovered

  • January/February 2011

    Topics include K'NEX Challenge Winners Revealed; The NSTA Conference Not to Miss; Bionic Eye Takes Sight; Game Systems Go Head-to-Head; Virtual Devices of the Future

  • Fall 2010

    Topics include Oil and Water Don't Mix; Profile - Randy Pausch; K'NEX Challenge - Creativity Connects with Fun; The Science of 'Super Fountains'; Shedding Some Light on the Matter

  • Spring 2010

    Topics include Growing, Living, Teaching and Eating Green; Profile - Garrett Augustus Morgan; Airport Security - Use of Whole Body Imaging; Calcium Causes Problems at International Space Station

  • Fall 2009

    Topics include Raising Millions of Eyes to the Night Skies; Profile - Christa McAuliffe ; Ulysses Ends Long Odyssey; Online Communities Offer Risks and Rewards.

  • Spring 2009

    Topics include Beyond Petroleum - Alternative Energy Sources for a Post-Oil Nation; Profile - Charles Drew; Robots Invade Disaster City; Nano News; It's About Time...

  • Fall 2008

    Topics include: The Challenge of Safe Science; Profile - Michael Faraday; New Pathways for Electricity - Nanotechnology Bends the Rules of Electrical Conductivity.

  • Spring 2008

    Topics include Lie of the Needle - Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports; Profile - Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnett; What is a Pulsar?; What Makes a Winning Racehorse?

  • Fall 2007

    Topics include A Deeper Understanding - The Importance of Underground Laboratories; Profile - Don Jeffry Herbert; That Fantastic, Cleaning, Whitening Magical Goop.

  • Spring 2007

    Topics include The Science of Questioned Documents; Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorilla; Animals With Accents?

  • Fall 2006

    Topics include Alternative Fuels; Profile - Leonardo Da Vinci; Nanotech Powers Navy Into the Future; When Stars Collide…

  • Spring 2006

    Topics include Huge Advances in a Tiny Science; Profile - Chien-Shiung Wu; It's Cold. It's Hot. It's Fusion!; Kiss Your Universe Goodbye!

  • Fall 2005

    Topics include: New Frontiers in Stem Cell Research; Profile - Vivien Theodore Thomas; The Global Concern for Environmental Issues.

  • Fall 2004

    Topics include TV Crime Science Exposed; Profile - Marie Curie; Lab Renovation and Construction