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Sewage Sludge Could Be a Gold Mine

The sewage lines in your city could be lined with gold and other precious metals. A new study looked at the amount and value of metals in sludge, a byproduct of sewage treatment. Where do the metals come from?

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How Fast is the Speed of Light?

For more than 100 hundred years, the speed of light has been one of the accepted constants in physics—at 186,282 miles per hour in a vacuum. But is the speed of light really constant?

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Putting Pluto Into Focus

Dwarf planet Pluto, the largest object in the Kuiper belt, will soon be back in the science spotlight. New Horizons is closer to completing its nine year and nearly three-billion mile journey.

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Polar Bears Sniff Paw Prints to Find Love

According to a recent collaborative study, polar bears imprint a unique scent in every step of their trek across the frozen terrain in order to establish dominance and, more importantly, to locate potential mates. 

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