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Fighting Pathogens: A New Test to Save Crops

Fighting Pathogens: A New Test to Save Crops

Plant viruses are difficult to detect and kill millions of dollars of crops every year, but a new test from the University of Florida could change that.

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Vitamins Give Batteries a Boost

Vitamins Give Batteries a Boost

Researchers have created a battery using flavin from vitamin B2, which they believe offers a more affordable and environmentally friendly energy solution.

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Record-Breaking Snack Attack from Black Hole

Record-Breaking Snack Attack from Black Hole

New data from a supermassive black hole that emits record levels of radiation may help explain why black holes get so big.

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Cat-Like Instincts

Cat-Like Instincts

Your cat may look lazy, but his understanding of physics and keen hearing makes him a finely tuned hunting machine.    

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  • September/October 2012

    Topics include Name our Superhero; MSDS Changes; Computer Scientist Who Took on Mattel; A New Medical Device - E-Skin?; Robotic Self-Sculpting Sand

  • March/April 2012

    Topics include Earth Day; It's a Grape Career!; Eye Spy Suspects with DNA; Earth has a Twin?; Online Identity Hits a New Level; Snowflakes - Not Just Frozen Rain

  • January/February 2012

    Topics include Faster Than the Speed of Light; Battle of the Smartphones; Secrets to the Fountain of Youth; Glowing Cats?; The Brain - Your Control Center?; Using DNA to Build Nanomaterials

  • November/December 2011

    Topics include Nuclear Science - Past, Present, and Future; Summer Solstice; Two Sciences that Surround Us; Total Solar Eclipse - A Few Minutes, Experience of a Lifetime.

  • September/October 2011

    Topics include Get Involved with October's Celebration - National Chemistry Week and World Food Day; Saying Goodbye to Shuttle Launches; Cooking with Physicists?

  • April/May 2011

    Topics include Artificial Life Forms Aren't Just Science Fiction Anymore; Lesson Plans that Engage Students; Human Skin vs. The Ozone; New Species of Fish Discovered

  • January/February 2011

    Topics include K'NEX Challenge Winners Revealed; The NSTA Conference Not to Miss; Bionic Eye Takes Sight; Game Systems Go Head-to-Head; Virtual Devices of the Future

  • Fall 2010

    Topics include Oil and Water Don't Mix; Profile - Randy Pausch; K'NEX Challenge - Creativity Connects with Fun; The Science of 'Super Fountains'; Shedding Some Light on the Matter

  • Spring 2010

    Topics include Growing, Living, Teaching and Eating Green; Profile - Garrett Augustus Morgan; Airport Security - Use of Whole Body Imaging; Calcium Causes Problems at International Space Station

  • Fall 2009

    Topics include Raising Millions of Eyes to the Night Skies; Profile - Christa McAuliffe ; Ulysses Ends Long Odyssey; Online Communities Offer Risks and Rewards.

  • Spring 2009

    Topics include Beyond Petroleum - Alternative Energy Sources for a Post-Oil Nation; Profile - Charles Drew; Robots Invade Disaster City; Nano News; It's About Time...

  • Fall 2008

    Topics include: The Challenge of Safe Science; Profile - Michael Faraday; New Pathways for Electricity - Nanotechnology Bends the Rules of Electrical Conductivity.

  • Spring 2008

    Topics include Lie of the Needle - Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports; Profile - Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnett; What is a Pulsar?; What Makes a Winning Racehorse?

  • Fall 2007

    Topics include A Deeper Understanding - The Importance of Underground Laboratories; Profile - Don Jeffry Herbert; That Fantastic, Cleaning, Whitening Magical Goop.

  • Spring 2007

    Topics include The Science of Questioned Documents; Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorilla; Animals With Accents?

  • Fall 2006

    Topics include Alternative Fuels; Profile - Leonardo Da Vinci; Nanotech Powers Navy Into the Future; When Stars Collide…

  • Spring 2006

    Topics include Huge Advances in a Tiny Science; Profile - Chien-Shiung Wu; It's Cold. It's Hot. It's Fusion!; Kiss Your Universe Goodbye!

  • Fall 2005

    Topics include: New Frontiers in Stem Cell Research; Profile - Vivien Theodore Thomas; The Global Concern for Environmental Issues.

  • Fall 2004

    Topics include TV Crime Science Exposed; Profile - Marie Curie; Lab Renovation and Construction






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