Oncology Products

Oncology Products

Expand the anatomic pathology and oncology testing capabilities of your clinical lab by finding the right oncology products and pathology lab equipment for each step of your workflow. Browse oncology products that can help you update your grossing workspaces, increase your block and slide storage, enhance your tissue processing, expedite slide labeling, enhance molecular testing, and improve overall efficiency. Explore our comprehensive pathology product portfolio—expertly curated to meet the needs of your clinical lab.

Pathology Product Categories

Pathology Workstations and Accessories

Pathology workstations are types of pathology lab equipment designed primarily for tissue dissection, most often performed as part of gross tissue examinations or “grossing.” Most surgically excised tissues are preserved or fixed in formaldehyde solutions. Because formaldehyde fumes are hazardous, it’s essential to select a pathology workstation with an air filtration system that will help protect your team from unnecessary exposures.

Workstations may offer optional storage, dispensers, and other accessories that facilitate tissue dissections and greater efficiency. Other pathology workstation features may include:

  • Durable cutting surfaces
  • Sinks or other rinsing capabilities
  • Height adjustments for ADA compliance

Save time and employee exposure to formaldehyde vapors with specimen containers pre-filled with formalin solutions. Available in a range of capacities to suit specimens of most sizes.

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Pathology Workstations
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Desk and Table Accessories

DNA Sequencing Systems

DNA sequencing is quickly becoming an important step in the assessment of tissue and can be used to detect molecular and genetic changes that can affect health. For example, diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis are caused by alterations to the human genome. Choose from a wide selection of convenient, reliable DNA sequencing systems and learn more about innovative genetic analysis solutions that perform real-time or qPCR, capillary electrophoresis, and more.

When paired with Oncomine™ Assays, precision oncology instruments like the Ion Torrent™ Genexus™ System deliver rapid results for oncology research and testing. The Genexus automated next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform works with small sample input to take your lab from specimen to report in a single day. It’s easy to use with a minimal amount of training.

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DNA Sequencing Systems

Tissue Processing Products

Tissue fixation is intended to preserve cells and tissue components to maintain a resemblance to living tissue while allowing it to be examined microscopically as thin, stained sections. Tissues may be fixed physically, most often by freezing (as with frozen sections). Various chemical fixatives are available. Choose a fixative that will not cause interference with tissue structure or with subsequent specialized antigenic or genetic testing.

In histology laboratories, tissue processors are types of pathology lab equipment used to help diagnose disease from surgically removed tissue. They help automate the steps of fixation, dehydration, and embedding required to transform tissue to a condition where it can be used for microscopic examination. Tissue processors typically either move the tissue sample from container to container or maintain the specimens in a chamber through which the various fluids are added and removed.

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Tissue Embedding Products

The last step in processing tissue is infiltrating it with a preserving medium. After infiltration, the specimen is fully encased in a histological wax or wax-and-plastic combination. Specimens contained in wax blocks are stable and can be archived.

Tissue cassettes are used to hold specimens and keep them submerged during tissue processing. They are typically made of plastic polymers that resist histological solvents and are slotted to allow for optimal processing reagent flow and drainage.

Cassettes may have attached or separate lids and may be packaged for manual use and labeling or in tubes for cassette labeling systems. Available in multiple non-cytotoxic and non-metallic colors to allow for color-coding tissue types, they come in various sizes and with single or multiple numbered compartments to accommodate various types of specimens.

Storage cabinets and systems can help keep your tissue cassettes organized and easily retrievable.

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Sectioning and Staining Products

Microtomes, slides, and consumables are essential pathology products for your oncology testing.

Microtomes are designed to thinly slice tissue samples to allow staining and microscopic examination to detect inflammatory and other disease processes. Microtomes can be manual or automatic, have sliding, vibrating, or rotary movement, and accommodate reusable or disposable knives. Microtome accessories may include waste trays, blade disposal, magnifiers, and special clamps and holders.

Microscope slides used for anatomic pathology are typically glass; they may be plain or have frosted areas for labeling. Choose treated slides for better adherence to help reduce tissue loss and re-cuts. Or find microscope slides packaged to easily load onto specific slide labelling equipment and systems.

Use diamond markers and other implements for manual slide labeling or choose an automated system that helps reduce sample misidentification.

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