Animal Foods

Affymetrix/USB™ Yeast-Torula

For biological research purposes.

MP Biomedicals Lactalbumin

Nutritional supplement possessing high protein content and amino acid balance

MP Biomedicals Casein

Low Trace Element

MP Biomedicals AIN-93M Diet

For maintenance of adult rodents

MP Biomedicals Wheat Germ

Natural source-vitamin B complex

MP Biomedicals AIN-93G Diet

For growth, pregnancy and lactational phases of rodents

MP Biomedicals Corn Syrup

Dual acid-enzyme conversion syrup

MP Biomedicals Yeast, Torula

Source: Candida utilis

MP Biomedicals Dextri-Maltose Supplement

Maltose and dextrins obtained by enzymatic digestion of corn flour by barley malt.