West Condensers

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ West Condensers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

With sloped inner tube and small annular space

PYREX™ West Condensers with Drip Tip

For general condensation applications

Synthware™ West Condensers

Narrow annular space for fast coolant speed, provides high cooling efficiency

PYREX™ West Condensers

Sturdy design with efficient heat transfer

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ West Condensers with Full Length 24/40 Joints

Condenser with a standard outer joint at the top and a standard taper inner drip joint at the bottom

Synthware™ West Condenser, with Removable Hose Connections

Has narrow annular space between the inner tube and jacket that provides high cooling efficiency