Footwear Accessories


TOES2GO Steel Toe Cap Protects the toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing.

Honeywell™ Servus™ Studs Second Soles

Steel stud, stretch oversoles fit snugly over shoes and boots


IMPACTOE™ Safety Toe Cap protects the toe area and is ideal for any working environment that carries a risk of accidental toe damage or has a steel toe cap requirement.

IMPACTO™ TURBOTOE™ Steel Safety Toe Cap

IMPACTO™ TURBOTOE Steel Safety Toe Cap protects the toe area from impact, crushing or stubbing. Recommended for use in construction and heavy work environments that carries a risk of toe damage.

IMPACTO™ Ergomate Anti-fatigue Overshoes for Workboots

IMPACTO Ergomate Anti-fatigue Overshoes for Workboots are ideal for relief of tired, sore, feet, knees and back, improving safety and comfort. For areas where anti-fatigue matting is impractical due to length required or moving equipment.

Osborn Shoe Caps Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

For temporary foot protection

Impacto™ Impacto™ Protective Tracmates Antislip Safety Soles

For use on any slippery surface where there is risk of injury due to falling

IMPACTO™ Industrial Compression Energy Socks

IMPACTO™ Industrial Compression Energy Socks provide support for long term standing on concrete floors. Ideal for extended shift operations: 10-12 hours.

IMPACTO™ Webbing Straps

IMPACTO™ Webbing Straps are for use with footwear without laces

IMPACTO™ Metatarsal Protector

IMPACTO Metatarsal Protector protects the metatarsal area of the foot and fits all safety shoes and boots with optional attachment straps.

Ergodyne™ Trex 6300 Ice Traction Device

Eight heat-treated carbon steel studs provide tenacious grip and stability