Heat Resistant Gloves

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ Autoclave Gloves Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only. Get IT Item

Protects hands and forearms up to 232° C. Soft, pliant, all-cotton terry cloth SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ Autoclave Gloves are superb for handling hot objects out of the autoclave or oven, or for other heat protection.

Bel-Art™ Hot-Hand™ Protector Glove/Mitt

Mitt protects hands when handling extremely hot or cold objects, including dry ice

Honeywell™ North™ Grip N™ Hot Mill Gloves

Heavy-duty cotton gloves ideal for workers in millwork or heavy labor

MAPA™ Temp-Dex Plus 720 Thermal Protection Gloves

Dexterity and resistance to cuts for optimised thermal protection

Newtex™ Zetex™ and ZetexPlus™ High Temperature Gloves

Provide protection in temperatures to 1000°F

Wells Lamont™ Industrial Kelklave™ Autoclave Gloves Get IT Item

Made from high-loop terry cloth, a natural insulator

MAPA™ Temp-Dex 710 Gloves

Thermal protection is now available for precision work

PIP™ Kut-Gard™ Seamless Knit Hot Mill Gloves with Extended Cuff

Used for hot metal handling, glass handling, foundries and forging operations.

Steel Grip PBI/Kevlar Gloves

With additional Nomex aramid palm patch

Wells Lamont™ Extra-Heavyweight Terry Cloth Gloves

Made from high-loop terry cloth, a natural insulator

Newtex™ Zetex™ Heat Resistant Mitts

Provide protection in temperatures to 1000°F and to 2000°F

Wells Lamont™ Heavyweight Kevlar™ Gloves

Won't melt, burn, or lose flexibility at temperatures as high as 700°F (482°C )

Fisherbrand™ Hot Mill Gloves

Available with gauntlet or band top

Superior Glove™ CoolGrip Aramid Fiber/Carbon Fiber Reinforced Gloves

String-knit gloves feature a 50/50 blend of Kevlar™ and carbon fiber each for the ultimate heat-resistance

Steel Grip Finger Guards

Available in sizes small through large

Wells Lamont™ Medium-Heavyweight Terry Cloth Gloves

Maintain flexibility and comfort in most applications

Newtex™ Z-Flex Multi-layer Aluminized Gloves

Offers an excellent alternative to asbestos