Lockout and Tagout

Brady™ Snap Cap Gas Cylinder Lockout

Deny access to the main cylinder control and regulator attachment of gas cylinders. The Brady™ Snap Gas Cylinder Lockout fits most North American high and low pressure gas cylinders and is made to last many years of use.

Brady™ Gate Valve Lockout Devices

Make locking out valves safe and easy

Brady™ “No Hole” Clamp-On Breaker Lockout Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Locks out most single-pole circuit breakers

Brady™ Gas Cylinder Lockout

Safely lockout gas cylinders to help avoid workplace accidents. The Brady™ Gas Cylinder Lockout is adjustable and installs in seconds. There is no need to match your lockout device to varying diameters or threads of cylinder caps.

Brady™ Universal Valve Lockout Base Clamping Units

Used to lock out large levers, T-handles and hard-to-secure mechanical devices

Brady™ Combination Lockout Starter Kit

Protect employees and comply with OSHA's Lockout Standard

Brady™ Prinzing Cylinder Tank Lockout

Lockout cylinder tanks, including propane tanks on fork trucks and stand alone propane tanks. The Brady™ Prinzing Cylinder Tank Lockout's special design allows it to be used in tight spaces.

Brady™ Keyed-Different Aluminum Padlocks with 3 in. Shackle Locks

Lightweight padlock with rugged, solid aluminum body

Brady™ Toolbox Lockout Kit with Components

Carry from workstation to workstation everything needed for a safe, compliant environment

Brady™ Keyed Different Aluminum Padlocks with 1.5 in Shackle, Brown

Keeps important source points locked and improves safety

Brady™ 10-Lock Board (Filled with Brady Safety Padlocks)

Equipped with tools to isolate mechanical and electrical control points

Brady™ Double Hex Prolock

Effectively lock out a variety of isolation points. The Brady™ Double Hex Prolock will quickly become a staple lockout device in any facility. It tackles anything from T valve handles to electrical disconnects.

Brady™ Original Cable Lockout

Gain control of difficult lockout situations. The patented Brady™ Original Cable Lockout is ideal for difficult lockout situations such as large gate valves or oversized devices.

Brady™ Universal Valve Lockout Devices

Lock out large levers, T handles, and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices. Brady Universal Valve Lockout Devices are made of rugged industrial-grade steel and nylon for extra impact and chemical resistance.

Brady™ Keyed Different Safety Padlocks with 1.5 in. Shackle, Red

Safer alternative to metal locks for lockout applications

Brady™ Adjustable Station with Locking Cover Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Station is available with and without components