Lockout Tagout Hasps -Mechanical

Brady™ Labeled Lockout Hasps, Legend: DANGER DO NOT OPERATE...ETC

To lockout an energy source ensuring workers safety

Brady™ Lockout Hasps

To lockout an energy source ensuring workers safety

Brady™ Prinzing Ball Valve Lockout

To lock out range of different pipes by securing the valve handle in OFF position

Brady™ Gate Valve Lockout Devices

Make locking out valves safe and easy

Brady™ Ball Valve Lockout Devices

Fit all major brand ball valves

Brady™ Universal Ball Valve Lockout Devices

Ideal for valves on insulated pipe

Brady™ Aluminum Lockout Hasps

Hold up to six separate padlocks

Brady™ Mini Cable Lockout with Metal Cable

For locking out gate valves, handles and other oversized devices

Brady™ Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

Locks out different-sized valve handles

Master Lock™ Safety Lockout Hasp

Allows up to six workers to lock out a single energy source

Accuform Signs Loop Hasp

Dielectric, which means it can transmit electric force without conducting