Fisher Scientific™ Measuring Ruler Products for Science Education

Useful conversion tables make this a valuable laboratory tool.

Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Automatic Measuring Meter

Measures length, area, and volume with high-precision Polaroid™ ultrasonic sensor

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Calipers

Switch from inches to millimeters, set jaws closed, or read differential measurements with the touch of a button

Fisherbrand™ Fine Precision Ruler

For various applications. Fisherbrand Fine Precision Ruler is made of plastic.

Fisherbrand™ 6 in. (150mm) Ruler

With cork and stopper size guide

EISCO Plastic Vernier Caliper Products for Science Education

Columbus-type caliper with dual scale.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vernier Calipers with Double Scales to 150mm

Vernier calipers can be used to measure internal and external dimensions with utmost precision.

Eisco™ Tape Measure, 60 in. Products for Science Education

For basic measurement in classroom applications. The EISCO Tape Measure totals 60 inches with increments of one eighth of an inch.

Chalkboard Instruments Products for Science Education

Designed for whiteboards/chalkboards.

Dry Erase Compass Products for Science Education

For use with dry erase boards.

Classroom Measurement Set Products for Science Education

Perfect classroom set for learning measurement equivalents.

SAFE-T™ Ruler Products for Science Education

Measure curved and angular surfaces accurately.

SAFE-T™ Angle Ruler Products for Science Education

Versatile ruler with black markings for construction and measurement of angles, triangles and other geometric shapes.

Senior Ruler Products for Science Education

Both edges are calibrated in millimeters.

Customary/Metric Spoons Products for Science Education

Set of six spoons.

Compass Products for Science Education

Shortened point for increased student safety.

Metric/Imperial Ruler Products for Science Education

With both metric and imperial calibrations.

GSC International Steel Vernier Caliper Products for Science Education

Measures with ease and precision in laboratory or classroom settings. The GSC International Steel Vernier Caliper is graduated with both metric and English units.

Dry Measure Cups Products for Science Education

Set of five transparent, dry measure cups.

AngLegs™ Manipulative Geometry Set Products for Science Education

Snap-together set motivates students to explore plane geometry on their desktop or the overhead projector.

Geometry Math Set Products for Science Education

Six-piece set contains fundamental drawing aids.

Liquid Measuring Cup Set Products for Science Education

Three measuring cups with handles.

Wooden Geometric Solid Set Products for Science Education

Elementary set of simple geometric solids.

Pocket Rulers Products for Science Education

Calibrated in inches on one edge, millimeters on the other.

Gallon Measurement Set Products for Science Education

Five-piece liquid measuring set.

Chalkboard Accessory Set Products for Science Education

Rubber pads prevent scratches and provide greater grip.

Teacher's Four-Sided Meter Stick Products for Science Education

For demonstrating usage.

Trundle Wheel with Counter Products for Science Education

Now it's easy to measure long distances using metrics.

English/Metric Tape Measurer Products for Science Education

60 in. long (150cm) plastic tape.