Holders for Personal Identification or Protection Devices

Brady™ Retractable Badge Holder

Stop losing ID cards. The Brady™ Retractable Badge Holders keep your ID, access or security card near, while allowing the range to scan or swipe as needed.

Chums™ 1/2 in. 2-ply Cotton Breakaway Lanyards

Comfortable half inch two-ply cotton knit lanyard

Brady™ SecurAlert Clip-On Badges

Prevent unauthorized use of visitor, contractor and temporary passes. Brady™ SecurAlert Clip-On Badges are self-expiring, which prevents unauthorized use beyond their intended use periods.

Brady™ TIMEtoken Clip-on Badge

Minimize unauthorized use of badges. Brady™ TIMEtoken Badges self-expire to prevent re-use of badges. The perfect low cost clip-on paper badges for your security needs.

Brady™ Rearview Mirror Hanging Tags

Control parking with an economical and effective solution. Brady™ Rearview Mirror Hanging Tags are a durable solution that make parking control easy.

Brady™ Self-Expiring Parking Permit

Control parking with an economical and effective solution. Brady™ Moderate Weather Self-Expiring Parking Permits are a durable solution that make parking control easy.

Brady™ SecurAlert Adhesive Back Badge

Better control visitor authorizations. Brady™ SecurAlert adhesive-back badges expire automatically to prevent unauthorized use.

Brady™ Horizontal Clip-on Badge Holder

Keep your security badge, access card, or ID safe. The Brady™ Clip-On Horizontal Badge Holder is the perfect solution for your security badge needs.

Fisherbrand™ Cleanroom Badge Clips

Secure badges or ID cards to garments. Fisherbrand™ Cleanroom Badge Clips are made of three inch poly for badges or garments with no pockets. These swivel clips are metal-free.

Brady™ Hot Weather Self-Expiring Parking Permit

Monitor temporary parking with self-expiring parking permits. The Brady™ Hot Weather Temporary Self-Expiring Parking Permit is perfect for weather over 80°F/25°C.

Brady™ Lanyard

Lanyards are the easy, professional way to attach badges.

Brady™ Clip-on Horizontal Badge Holder

Clearly display ID cards. The Brady™ Clip-on Horizontal Badge Holder is a low-cost and durable option for displaying name, security and access cards.

Brady™ Temporary SecurAlert Adhesive Back Badge

Prevent temporary pass misuse. Brady™ Temporary SecurAlert Adhesive Back Badges are an ideal option for preventing unauthorized use of temporary visitor or contractor passes.

Brady™ SecurAlert Self-Expiring Time Badges

Minimize unauthorized use of visitor badges. Brady™ SecurAlert Self-Expiring Time Badges offer a clear indication of a visitor's authorization.

Brady™ TIMEspot Badge

Minimize the unauthorized use of badges. Brady™ TIMEspot badges have a self-expiring circle that lasts one day, preventing repeated use of a badge. Choose Visitor, Contractor or Temporary badges.

Honeywell™ Miller™ WristBandit Tool Holders

Conveniently attaches to the user's wrist with Velcro™. Tools are attached by cinching the lanyard cord tight around the tool.

Pyramex Safety Products ID Badge Holder

Pyramex Safety™ ID Badge Holder includes a lanyard

Chums™ 3/4in. Detachable Breakaway Lanyards

A convenient and comfortable lanyard that features a reconnecting breakaway for saftey

Chums™ 5mm Nylon Rope Detachable Breakaway Lanyards

Easily access multiple items like badges, IDs, keys, camera and flash drives from a comfortable and versatile lanyard

Chums™ 5mm Nylon Rope Retractable Breakaway Lanyard

Durable UV and water resistant nylon offers high resistance to solvents, alkalis, acids, abrasion and rot