Fisherbrand™ 3X LED Magnifier Lamp Products for Science Education

Magnifier Lamp is the ideal tool to view objects at two times magnification in bright light, with high-contrast and a sharply defined focus

Fisherbrand™ LED Magnifying Lamp

Sliding shutter cover provides lens protection when not in use

Reading Glass Magnifiers Products for Science Education

Three sizes for quick, convenient magnification.

Fisher Scientific™ Hands-Free Fold-Up Magnifiers

Allow two-handed examination of objects while yielding a sharp, crisp and distinct image

Mini Light Box Magnifier Products for Science Education

Compact, free-standing unit for hands-free viewing.

Fisher Scientific™ Magnifiers

Applied for laboratory use and other precision scientific work

United Scientific Supplies Hand Lens Products for Science Education

Glass lenses mounted on metal frames.

Clear Plastic Magnifier Products for Science Education

Features dual lenses of 3X and 6X magnification.

Plastic Triple Magnifier Products for Science Education

Three separate magnifying lenses.

Thermometer Magnifier Products for Science Education

Ideal for any application where fine divisions are read and accuracy counts.

MagniFlex™ Magnifier Products for Science Education

Magnifier attaches to your tabletop for convenient hands-free use.

Carson™ Optical LED Attach-A-Mag™ Magnifier Products for Science Education

Hands-free, fully adjustable, LED lighted Magnifier.

Remov-A-Lens™ Magnifier Products for Science Education

The Remov-A-Lens is a 3-in-1, LED-lighted, hand-held magnifier.

LumiDome™ Magnifiers Products for Science Education

Great for viewing fingerprints, coins, stamps, photography and miniatures.

Halogen Illuminated Desk Magnifier

1.75X magnification, 45 in. (114cm) reach

Excelta™ High Precision Loupes

Two-element optical glass construction

Reichert™ Auxiliary Magnifying Lens

For strain-free visual identification of colonies

DeskBrite™ Magnifier Desk Lamp Products for Science Education

Flexible neck allows you to position magnifier where you need it.