Cooling Vests

DuPont™ Cool-Guard™ Personal Cooling Vest

State-of-the-art cooling technology maintains proper body temperature

DuPont™ Cool-Guard™ Cooling Vest Gel Packs

PCM Spare Set (4) Cool-Guard Lite

Bullard™ Isotherm™ 2 Cooling Vest

Interchangeable front/back cooling system reduces heat-related illness

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Vests

Perfect for construction-site safety and comfort

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Pullover Cooling Vest

Super-absorbent, poncho-style workplace safety vest

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Lightweight, durable, and washable vest