Immunological Sera

Gibco™ Rabbit Serum Green Product Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only. Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Standard (sterile-filtered)

Invitrogen™ eBioscience™ Normal Mouse Serum Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Can be used to inhibit nonspecific binding of mouse monoclonal antibodies during staining for flow cytometric analysis. eBioscience™ Normal Mouse Serum can also be used in other applications which require normal mouse serum.

Human Serum, Type AB, Fisher BioReagents

For use as growth supplement for cell culture media

Gibco™ Normal Goat Serum Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Normal Goat Serum

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum, Dog, Purified, 2mL

Whole Dog Serum with buffer salts

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum, Swine, Purified, 2mL

Whole Swine Serum with buffer salts

MP Biomedicals™ Sheep Serum

Sterile, filtered, Lyophilized Serum

MP Biomedicals™ Goat Serum: Normal, Sterile

Suitable replacement for FBS on most cell lines and primary cultures for Biomedical Research

Novus Biologicals™ Normal Goat Serum

Applications: Western Blot, Flow Cytometry, ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation, Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin, Fluorophore-linked immunosorbent assay

MP Biomedicals™ Mouse Serum

Used for blocking agents and controls in immunoassays.

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum, Chicken, Purified, 2mL

Whole Chicken Serum with buffer salts

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Type AB, Normal Pool

Used as a growth supplement for cell culture media and in other research applications.

MP Biomedicals™ Rabbit Serum

Sterile, Frozen Brown Solution. Combine with BSA to use as a blocking serum in immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry.

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Pooled

Used as a media component to neutralize cell free virus.

Southern Biotech Normal Goat Sera

Processed to prevent minimal hemolysis and filtered to 0.2μm

MilliporeSigma™ Calbiochem™ Normal Mouse Serum

Used in ELISA, Flow Cytometry, Immunoblotting, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation for the detection of Mouse Serum. MilliporeSigma™; Calbiochem™ Normal Mouse Serum is normal carrier sera from healthy, non-immunized mice.

MilliporeSigma™ Calbiochem™ Normal Goat Serum, Sterile

Suitable for use in radioimmunoassay. MilliporeSigma™; Calbiochem™ Normal Goat Serum, Lyophilized Solid is normal carrier sera, produced from pooled lots of sera from healthy, non-immunized goats.

Southern Biotech Normal Mouse Sera

Processed to prevent minimal hemolysis and filtered to 0.2μm

InVitroCare™ Human Serum Albumin

For use as a tissue culture protein supplement

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum, Mouse, Purified, 2mL

Whole Mouse Serum with buffer salts

MP Biomedicals™ Human Serum, Type AB

Golden Yellow Liquid. Proven to grow many human cell lines at a faster rate and with a smaller percentage of serum than mixed blood group serum.

MP Biomedicals™ Goat Serum: Heat Inactivated

Heat Inactivated serum collected from whole blood from healthy individuals.

MP Biomedicals™ Goat Serum

Suitable alternative to fetal bovine serum in a wide range of cell culture applications such as the isolation and identification of viruses produced in a variety of primary cell lines.

MP Biomedicals™ Whole Serum, Goat, Purified, 2mL

Whole Goat Serum with buffer salts