Classroom Burners

Fisherbrand™ Alcohol Burner Products for Science Education

For use with any experiment requiring low heat.

Eisco™ Ceramic-Centered Iron Wire Gauze Products for Science Education

Eisco Iron Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center is high quality and extra strong for long-term use in the classroom laboratory.

Self-Contained LPG Burner Butane Fuel Products for Science Education

Additional butane fuel canister for self-contained LPG burner.

GSC Go Science Crazy Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Distributes heat evenly while using a Bunsen burner. GSC International Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center features rolled smooth wire edges and a clean white center ceramic. A variety of sizes are available.

GC Fuller Gas Lighters Products for Science Education

Light instantly and safely.

GC Fuller Gas Lighters FSE: Renewal Tips Products for Science Education

Light instantly and safely.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes, Plain Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Piezoelectric Gas Lighter Products for Science Education

Plastic handle and trigger with polished aluminum barrel.

Butane Micro Burner Accessories: Butane Fuel Products for Science Education

Butane fuel for butane micro burner.

Supertek Scientific Wickless Alcohol Burners Products for Science Education

Safe alternative to conventional alcohol burners

Triangle Clay Pipe Products for Science Education

To hold objects in high heat.

Supertek Scientific Aluminium Burner Products for Science Education

Methylated spirit burner with wick, wick holder and cap.

United Scientific Supplies Gas Lighter Products for Science Education

Hooded lighter is safe and economical.

Self-Contained LPG Burner Products for Science Education

Handy where natural gas is not available.

United Scientific Supplies Clay Pipe Triangle Products for Science Education

Mounted on heavy gauge twisted galvanized steel wire.

GSC Go Science Crazy Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads Products for Science Education

Keep your surfaces safe from hot items. The GSC International Heat Insulated Ceramic Pads are made from flexible alumina and silica oxides.

Eisco™ Tripod Stand - Circular, 12cm. Dia Products for Science Education

This rugged zinc plated iron tripod stand is 8.25 in. in height with a 4.75 in. diameter. The sturdy iron legs are detachable and come with rubber traction caps on them.

Butane Micro Burner Products for Science Education

A safe alternative to alcohol burners.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burner With Needle Valve - Natural Gas Products for Science Education

Efficient, durable Bunsen Burner mounted on pressure die casted base. Comes with needle valve for simple flame adjustment. 5.5 in. Height x 3 in. Diameter base. Inlet tube diameter 13mm.

MAX-850 Portable Bunsen Burner Products for Science Education

Built-in fuel chamber can be refilled with standard butane canister.

Butane-Powered Micro Burners Products for Science Education

Provide safe, portable flame applications in a variety of settings.

Fuel Can for Masterglow Microlite Burner Products for Science Education

Low-profile “fat can” is more stable than taller fuel cans.

Eisco™ Micro Bunsen Burner with Gas Flow Adjustment Products for Science Education

Eisco micro bunsen burner with adjustable orifice and flame stabilizing burner tip can be use with mixed and natural gas with a heat value of 800 to 1200 BTU.

Meker-Type Burners Products for Science Education

Provide an extremely hot and consistent blue flame.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners with Flame Stabilizer and Gas Adjustment Products for Science Education

Allows both air to fuel ratio adjustments and throttle control via gas adjustment needle valve.

Eisco™ Bunsen Burners, Tirrill Products for Science Education

Features wing nut on bottom of tube for gas adjustment and tube screws for fine adjustment of air to fuel ratio.