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New Stem Cell Technique for Faster Growth

Scientists from the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique for using human stem cells to create brain and muscle cells.

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Pretzel-Shaped Molecules Could Be the Future of Antibiotics

Chemists from the University of Amsterdam have created a new class of molecules that brings them one step closer to synthesizing lasso peptides.

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Mass Spectrometry: Then and Now

Since its inception more than 100 years ago, mass spectrometry has been an important tool in the study of the nature of matter.

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Brain Organoids Usher in New Research Era

Developing 3D brain organoids from pluripotent stem cells could prove to be an important step forward in the study of human neurological disorders.

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Handheld Analyzers Make Drug Identification Safer

As narcotics continue to evolve, handheld devices like the Thermo Scientific™ TruNarc™ Analyzer are helping police departments stay ahead of the curve.

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