Enhance Organic Synthesis Workflows

Enhance Organic Synthesis Workflows

Organic synthesis involves the construction of organic compounds found in living organisms. Using sophisticated workflows, it can replicate or artificially create complex organic molecules. These molecules can be developed as biological tools, clinical drug candidates, or used for other technical or everyday applications.

The Fisher Scientific channel offers you products and expertise to enhance your workflow from preparation through synthesis, purification, and analysis. You’ll find building blocks and organic reagents, inorganic compounds, catalysts, and essential solvents. You’ll also find critical equipment and supplies such as rotary evaporators, glassware, and more.

Look to the Fisher Scientific channel as a comprehensive, cost-effective, and dependable source to support your organic synthesis workflow requirements each step of the way.

To simplify your shopping experience, we consolidated the Acros Organics™, Alfa Aaesar™, and Maybridge™ brands under the Thermo Scientific brand.

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Air-Tite™ All-Plastic Henke-Ject™ Syringes

Disposable syringes with no rubber or silicone oil offer a potential low-cost alternative for sensitive applications.

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Be prepared with lab coats, gloves, and more for safety, and equipment and consumables to handle applications of practically any scale.

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Find the organic building blocks, reagents, solvents, catalysts, and inorganic compounds you need to start your workflow. Plus, get lab supplies and equipment to execute your plan.

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Shop for filtration, evaporation, lyophilization, and other equipment to assess your progress, achieve precise purifications, and enhance chromatography procedures.

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Determine the success of your efforts with crystallization supplies, melting point apparatus, TLC materials, and other testing equipment and products.

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