Educational Insights

GreenThumb™ Classroom Greenhouse <img src=

GreenThumb™ Classroom Greenhouse Products for Science Education

Protect plants inside and outside with this two-tiered Classroom Greenhouse.

Wireless Eggspert™ <img src=

Wireless Eggspert™ Products for Science Education

The wireless game system that turns review lessons into EGG-citing games.

GeoSafari™ Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collections Set <img src=

GeoSafari™ Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collections Set Products for Science Education

Dig into some serious fun with these fascinating collection kits.

Math Modular Flip Charts <img src=

Math Modular Flip Charts Products for Science Education

Lessons are a “snap” with these modular flip charts.

3-D Life Cycles Demonstration Magnets <img src=

3-D Life Cycles Demonstration Magnets Products for Science Education

Chunky 3-D demonstration magnets are easy to manipulate and encourage hands-on discovery.

GeoSafari™ Tuff Scope Trio Package <img src=

GeoSafari™ Tuff Scope Trio Package Products for Science Education

This tough-stuff trio can handle whatever your class dishes out!

GeoSafari Bug Viewers <img src=

GeoSafari Bug Viewers Products for Science Education

Get an extra close-up look at bugs of all sizes

Hot Dots™ Science Card Sets <img src=

Hot Dots™ Science Card Sets Products for Science Education

An interactive way for individual students to learn and practice key science concepts and vocabulary on their own!

Fraction Pie Puzzle <img src=

Fraction Pie Puzzle Products for Science Education

A puzzle and a conceptual fraction lesson, all rolled into fun

Rockin' Math Game <img src=

Rockin' Math Game Products for Science Education

Climb the stairway to math super stardom!

Sprout & Grow™ <img src=

Sprout & Grow™ Products for Science Education

Students watch seeds sprout and grow into plants — right before their eyes.

Telescope and Microscope Set <img src=

Telescope and Microscope Set Products for Science Education

For age group between 3+ and 8+.

BugWatch <img src=

BugWatch Products for Science Education

Place the unique Double-Viewer Cone over the Double-Viewer Scope and see your bug or other specimen from both the top AND bottom!

GeoVision™ MicroPro™ 48-piece Microscope Set <img src=

GeoVision™ MicroPro™ 48-piece Microscope Set Products for Science Education

For investigating everything from cells to crystals.

GeoSafari Ant Factories <img src=

GeoSafari Ant Factories Products for Science Education

Provides great lessons in responsibility, basic ecology, and much more!

Rain or Shine Daily Temperature Recording Charts <img src=

Rain or Shine Daily Temperature Recording Charts Products for Science Education

Compare month to month, season to season or even temperature changes throughout the day.

GeoSafari™ Motorized Solar System and Planetarium <img src=

GeoSafari™ Motorized Solar System and Planetarium Products for Science Education

Create the solar and star systems in your classroom.

Hydroponics Lab <img src=

Hydroponics Lab Products for Science Education

Get a 360° view of growing plants from the roots up.