Neutec Group

Neutec Group Inc.™ ePW Sample Dishes for Water Activity Meters

Sample Dishes designed for use with Novasina Water Activity Meters.

Neutec Group Accessories for Eddy Jet Spiral Plater Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with Eddy Jet Spiral Plater

Neutec Group LabFlame Basic Safety Bunsen Burner

Optimized for use in microbiology laboratories

Neutec Group Lab Blendor or Homogenizer Accessory, Plastic Tray

Replacement tray for 400 ml Masticator stand

Neutec Group Accessories for Filling Systems Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Compatible with all Neutec systems including Proficlave, Petri Swiss and Dosi Pump

Neutec Group PetriSphere™ Anaerobic Gas Generating System Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Generates atmospheres suitable for the culturing of anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic bacteria in common anaerobic jars

Neutec Group SAL-T Humidity Standards

Humidity standards based on saturated salt solutions in plastic tablets with humidity-permeable membrane for multi-use. The salts generate a defined air humidity in the temperature range of 15° to 30°C which flows out of the tablet through the permeable membrane inside the measuring chamber and generate there a defined and stable humidity environment.

Neutec Group Sphere Flash™ Economy Automated Colony Counter

Sphere Flash™ Economy Automated Colony Counter accurately counts pour and spiral plates on any media in one second with automatic calibration and verification.

Neutec Group Portabag Bag Holders

Stainless steel rack holds Portabags for Neutec dilutors and dispensers

Neutec Group Cell Protection Filters

For Novasina water activity meters to protect the measurement cell from aggressive vapours or abrasion

Neutec Group Masticator Paddle Lab Blenders

Used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable bags

Neutec Group Paddle Lab Blender - Maxicator

Solution for homogenizing large volume blending and extraction of samples

Neutec Group Eddy Jet™ 2 Spiral Plating System

For spiral inoculation with disposable syringes

Neutec Group Redox Filter

For Novasina water activity meters protect the sensor from primary and secondary alcohols

Neutec Group Dosi Pump DP1000 Accessory, Glass T-Piece

For controlled pump precise dosing and liquid handling

Neutec Group Smart Dilutor Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For dilution of solid, semi-solid, or paste types of microbiological samples directly into sterile homogenizer bags

Neutec Group LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner Accessory, Flame Shield

For use with LabFlame IR Activated Bunsen Burner