Tians International

Tians Standard-Weight Polypropylene Shoe Covers

35g/m2 fabric is lightweight, durable, and breathable

Tians Polypropylene Isolation Gowns

Breathable, economical polypropylene

Tians epic™ Cleanroom Sleeve

Lint free film coated sleeve for use in critical and low particulate clean environments

Tians epic™ Shoe Cover

Disposable cleanroom shoe cover

Tians Epic™ Blue Sleeves

Vinyl or polypropylene protective arm covers

Tians Epic™ Polyethylene Coated Isolation Gown

Coated to provide spill protection

Tians Epic™ MP Coated Isolation Gowns

Provides protection from nonhazardous liquid splash

Tians Disposable Polypropylene Coveralls

Excellent barrier against dirt and dust

Tians epic™ SafeTrack-HD™ High Traction Boot Covers

Suitable for cleanroom, critical and industrial environments

Tians Economy SPP Lab Coats

For any dirty industrial environment where exposure to liquid contamination is not a concern

Tians Epic™ Shoe Cover with Conductive Strip

Low lint cleanroom shoe cover. Tians Epic™ Shoe Cover with Conductive Strip features latex based skid resistant bottom.

Tians Environstar MP Coveralls

Protective apparel manufactured in climate-controlled facility

Tians Polypropylene Lab Coats

Comfortable with a cloth-like feel

Tians Epic™ Cleanroom Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers with non-marking, non-skid bottoms

Tians Super Track Boot Covers

For Cleanroom use

Tians epic™ Polypropylene White Coveralls

Coverall with elastic wrists and zipper front

Tians Disposable Polypropylene Lab Coat

Economical protection with outstanding comfort, breathability and softness