Tians International

Tians Disposable Polypropylene Lab Coat

Economical protection with outstanding comfort, breathability and softness

Tians Standard-Weight Polypropylene Shoe Covers

35g/m2 fabric is lightweight, durable, and breathable

Tians InternationalSupplier Diversity Partner CR WHITE BEARDCOVER 500/CS


Tians Epic™ MP Coated Isolation Gowns

Provides protection from nonhazardous liquid splash

Tians Polypropylene Isolation Gowns

Breathable, economical polypropylene

Tians epic™ Cleanroom Sleeve

Lint free film coated sleeve for use in critical and low particulate clean environments

Tians Epic™ Polyethylene Coated Isolation Gown

Coated to provide spill protection

Tians Epic™ Blue Sleeves

Vinyl or polypropylene protective arm covers

Tians Epic™ Shoe Cover with Conductive Strip

Low lint cleanroom shoe cover. Tians Epic™ Shoe Cover with Conductive Strip features latex based skid resistant bottom.

Tians Super Track Boot Covers

For Cleanroom use

Tians Disposable Polypropylene Coveralls

Excellent barrier against dirt and dust

Tians Environstar MP Coveralls

Protective apparel manufactured in climate-controlled facility

Tians epic™ SafeTrack-HD™ High Traction Boot Covers

Suitable for cleanroom, critical and industrial environments

Tians epic™ Polypropylene White Coveralls

Coverall with elastic wrists and zipper front

Tians Environstar SPP Coveralls

For asbestos and abatement professionals

Tians Polypropylene Lab Coats

Comfortable with a cloth-like feel

Tians International Epic™ Shoe Cover

Clean and economical non-linting shoe cover for critical environments