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United Triangular Supports with Rods Products for Science Education

Heavy cast-iron triangular bases.

United Scientific Supplies Embedding Blocks Products for Science Education

Used for celloidin or paraffin sections.

Fractional Brass Masses Products for Science Education

Mass set meets weighing standards.

United Extension Support Rings Products for Science Education

Zinc-plated steel extension rings.

Rubber Friction Rod and Wool Pad Products for Science Education

Study electrostatics.

United Scientific Supplies Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Products for Science Education

Oil drop experiment for measuring the electron charge.

Push Pull Scales Products for Science Education

For measuring weights, masses and forces.

United Scientific Supplies Litmus Paper Products for Science Education

Available as Litmus paper and Litmus Granular in bottles.

United Scientific Supplies Spectrometer Prism for Intermediate Spectometer Products for Science Education

The United Science Supplies Spectrometer Prism for Intermediate Spectometer (S23926)

Media/Storage Bottles Products for Science Education

General purpose media bottles.

Plastic Triple Magnifier Products for Science Education

Three separate magnifying lenses.

Alnico Bar Magnets Products for Science Education

Powerful magnets for classroom experiments.

United Scientific Supplies Rubber Stoppers, Solid Version Products for Science Education

Ideal for use with non-aggressive or concentrated solutions. United Scientific Supplies Rubber Stoppers, Solid Version withstand temperatures from -13° to 158°F (-25° to 70°C).

United Scientific Supplies Rubber Stoppers, One Hole Products for Science Education

Ideal for use with non-aggressive or concentrated solutions. United Scientific Supplies Rubber Stoppers, One Hole withstand temperatures from -13° to 158°F (-25° to 70°C).

Triangular Files with Handles Products for Science Education

Scores glass tubing.

United Scientific Supplies Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for studying the nuclear magnetic resonance of protons in hydrogen.

United Scientific Supplies Hand Lens Products for Science Education

Glass lenses mounted on metal frames.

Spectrum Tubes Products for Science Education

The classic demonstration of spectral lines.

United Scientific Supplies Diffraction Grating for Intermediate Spectrometer Products for Science Education

The United Scientific Supplies Diffraction Grating for Intermediate Spectrometer is a replacement for S23926

United Scientific Supplies Building and Designing Batteries NextGEN STEM Kit Products for Science Education

Feature hands-on learning materials and interactive digital content that can be accessed on computer, tablet or mobile device.

United Scientific Supplies Energy Conversion Kit Products for Science Education

Economical seven-piece kit demonstrates the conversion among forms of energy.

United Scientific Supplies Supplied Friction on an Inclined Plane Set Products for Science Education

Used to demonstrate the resolution of forces on an inclined plane, uniform and accelerated motions, kinetic and potential energies and the friction between two surfaces.

United Scientific Supplies Plastic Beakers Products for Science Education

Excellent clarity and very good chemical resistance.

Hydrometer Cylinders Products for Science Education

Made from heavy borosilicate glass.

United Scientific Supplies Laboratory Jacks Products for Science Education

Easily adjust with the simple turn of a knob. The United Scientific Supplies Laboratory Jacks are constructed of a durable combination of chemically resistant anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Rubber Filter Aid Products for Science Education

Molded rubber disc.

United Scientific Supplies Ballistics Car with Remote Trigger Products for Science Education

Demonstrates independence of vertical and horizontal motions.


Featured Products

United Stem Kits

The United series of STEM-based curriculum kits accent the scientific method and independent inquiry, featuring hands-on learning materials and exciting interactive digital content that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or your mobile device.

Each kit in this series contains structured, guided and open investigations, at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, to make inquiry-based learning affordable and fun. PDF guides include correlations to NextGen Science Standards. Some additional household materials are necessary for students to conduct independent investigations.

For pennies per experiment, your students have access to digital PDF content such as:

  • Independent Investigation Inquiry suggestions
  • Background information including content tables and concept animations
  • Powerpoint concept presentation (and video version)
  • Comprehensive glossary of terms
  • Student activity PDFs have a special Typewriter functionality allowing them to take notes, record experimental data and answer analysis questions. They simply email their worksheets back to you!       

  • Chemistry of Invisible Inks STEM Kit

    Introduces students to the fascinating chemistry and physics behind invisible inks. Students investigate how organic fluids and chemical reagents can be used as invisible inks.


    • Materials for three detailed activities (with model and inquiry investigational paths - a total of four investigational activities), which can accommodate up to 40 students
    • DVD with PDF teacher and student guides
    • Structured, guided and open investigations at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels
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  • pH, Indicators and Dyes STEM Kit

    Introduces students to the chemistry behind plant pigments (the blueberry biopigment cyanidan) and their use as pH indicators and fabric dyes.


    • Materials for three detailed activities (with model and inquiry investigational paths - a total of four investigational activities), which can accommodate up to 40 students
    • DVD with PDF teacher and student guides
    • Structured, guided and open investigations at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels
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  • Ink Chromatography and Forensics STEM Kit

    Introduces students to ink chromatography and its application in solving forensics cases. Students gain experience in creating ink databases, identifying "ink tags" to "date" various inks and then use them (as professional document examiners do) in solving two mysteries involving document inks - an apparent suicide note and a forgery case.


    • Materials for three detailed activities (with model and inquiry investigational paths - a total of four investigational activities), which can accommodate up to 40 students
    • DVD with PDF teacher and student guides
    • Structured, guided and open investigations at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels
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Biology Manipulatives Kits

These kits were designed by teachers (and tested by teachers) in order to increase students' understanding of important and challenging Biology topics. Whether you have taught this content a thousand times or this is your first time, you will find that all students can learn this material. The kits include:

  • Teacher Manipulatives: These colorful, large models attach to your magnetic blackboard and can be seen from the back of the classroom. You simulate the process for your students at your own pace, allowing students to ask questions as you proceed
  • Student Manipulatives: Students work at their tables using smaller size models to work through the process and internalize key concepts. Includes five sets of student materials, sufficient for a class of 30 students. These student manipulatives can also be used for assessment
  • No Consumables: The kit can be used over and over again, and can be shared by the entire science department
  • Instructional CD: A CD demonstrating how to use the kit is included

  • Meiosis Manipulatives Kit

    Makes the complex biological process of meiosis come alive in your classroom. Includes instructional CD and teacher manual with recommended student activity, assessment options and student activity sheets.


    • Teacher demonstration models with 30 large chromosomes arranged in five colorful sets
    • Each set consists of a maternal and paternal homolog and four sister chromatids
    • Alleles and parental lineage are clearly identified
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  • Mitosis Manipulatives Kit

    Instructive and reusable. Manipulatives make it easier to teach an abstract concept like mitosis in a science classroom.


    • Manual and a CD-ROM with helpful ideas
    • 60 Large-sized plastic teacher demonstration models
    • Over 100 smaller student manipulatives, sufficient for 30 students working in groups of five Magnets are included for teacher manipulatives   
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  • DNA Manipulatives Kit

    The teacher-developed DNA manipulatives kit is perfect for helping students to understand recombinant DNA technology. Includes magnetic teacher manipulatives designed to be used on the chalk board.


    • Instructional CD-ROM
    • Experiments using laminated teacher and student gel electrophoresis boards
    • Manipulative plasmids include information on the number of base pairs and lessons about restriction enzymes
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  • Protein Synthesis Manipulatives Kit

    Teach protein synthesis with hands-on manipulatives. Large, colorful models of DNA, mRNA, ribosome, tRNA and amino acid attach to the blackboard for a visual simulation of protein synthesis.


    • Smaller size models provide students with hands-on learning Activities include identifying the amino acid sequence resulting from a unique DNA sequence
    • Includes an instructional CD-ROM with suggested activities
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Other Featured Products

  • Solar Powered Car

    An economical and attractive demonstration car model.


    • Powered by a solar cell or a rechargeable battery (AA size, not included. Alkaline batteries are not suitable). Battery can be recharged from the solar cell, demonstrating an electricity storage system for solar power
    • Solar cell can be tilted to maximize the solar input
    • Solar cell output can be measured at two binding posts
    • Slide switch turns on/off and selects function
    • All working parts visible through clear molded housing
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  • The SpillNot

    An inexpensive demonstration to intrigue students and challenge their analytical powers. The cup holder won’t spill when carried through a busy café or down a flight of stairs! You can even spin the cord around in a circle without losing a drop — but don’t jerk it!

    The design of the SpillNot uses the principles of Newtonian physics to keep the liquid in the container. The flexible handle and the location of the suspension point above the center of the tray to ensure that the forces on the liquid are always directed toward the supporting tray, even when the tray is in motion. The sideways forces that are usually responsible for spills are not transmitted to the tray because the flexible handle and the radial forces generated during swinging motion only pin the liquid into the container more firmly.

    Activity Guide Preview

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  • Energy Conversion Kit

    Four devices for generating electrical energy from:

    • Mechanical motion—hand generator
    • Chemical energy—batteries
    • Light—solar cell
    • Wind—windmill

    Three devices for using electrical energy to generate:

    • Light—LED
    • Motion—motor
    • Sound—buzzer
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  • Prepared Slide Set, 100 Slides

    A very comprehensive selection of prepared microscope slides featuring 24 different subject areas. The set includes slides depicting protozoa, porifera, coelenterata, platyhelminthes, annelida, anthropoda, molluska, echinodermata, pisces, reptila, aves, mammalia, development, bacteria, fungi, algae, ptfridophyta, cells, leaves, stem, root, reproductory organs, cell contents and vascular systems. Recommended for elementary through high schools.

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  • Gel Staining Tray

    This polypropylene staining tray helps in staining, fixing, destaining and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes. Tray, as well, as cover will resist temperatures from -70°C to +70°C. The LDPE plug provides a leak-proof seal and allows easy liquid drainage.

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  • Student Electricity Assortment

    A convenient, economical package of materials to start investigating electricity concepts.

    Assortment includes:

    • Six round plastic bulb holders
    • Three knife switches
    • Six battery holders with fahnestock clips
    • 10 fahnestock clips
    • One wire stripper
    • Three wires with alligator clips, 18”, assorted colors
    • Three wires with banana clips, 18”, assorted colors
    • 100 feet of insulated copper wire, 22 gauge
    • 10 each 1.5 V bulbs
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