Medique Medi-First™ First-Aid Eye Wash

Refreshes and cleanses tired and irritated eyes.

Medique Eyewash Solution

For flushing or irrigating the eyes or skin.

Medique BurnJel™ Burn Care Treatment

Thick gels cool and soothe minor burns.

Medique™ MF Double Eyewash Station

Buffered solution that is designed specifically for emergency eyewash relief from debris or chemicals.

Medique Water Jel™ Burn Dressing

Emergency first-aid treatment to stop burn progression and cool the skin.

Medique Medi-First™ Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Available as 2 pairs per bag.

Medique Calgonate for Acid Burns

For application in burn relief.

Medique Medi-First™ Triple Antibiotic Ointment

For effective protection against infection from minor cuts, burns and abrasions.

Medique Class B 50-Person First-Aid Kit

Provides first aid for up to 50 people.

Medique Medi-First™ Tongue Depressors

For several applications.

Medique Medi-First™ Plastic Adhesive Bandages

For minor first-aid and medical needs.

Medique Swan™ Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

For treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.

Medique Tylenol™ Extra Strength Tablets

Pain reliever and fever reducer tablets.

Medique Biolife QR WoundSeal™ Powder

Topical powder to stop wound bleeding immediately.

Medique Medi-First™ Woven Adhesive Bandages

Lightweight bandages for minor first-aid and medical needs.

Medique Swisspers™ Multi-Care Cotton Balls

For use with cleansers and astringents for cleaner and fresher skin.

Medique Medi-First™ Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream

Provides relief from skin irritations, itching and rashes.

Medique Plastic Tweezers

Emergency preparedness instrument for use in any medical situation.

Medique Rubbing Antiseptic Alcohol

Powerful cleaning and disinfecting antiseptic.

Medique Metal 25-Person Kit

Provides first aid for up to 25 people for several emergency situations.

Medique Plastic 25-Person Kit

Provides first aid for up to 25 people for several emergency situations.

Medique Medi-First™ Water-Proof First-Aid Tape

Holds gauze and wound dressings in place.

Medique fend-all™ EyeSaline™ Eye Wash

Refreshes and cleanses tired and irritated eyes.

Medique Medi-First™ Metal Detectable Blue Bandages

Specifically developed for use in food and restaurant preparations.

Medique Advil™ Ibuprofen Tablets

For relief of pain and reducing fever.

Medique Medi-First™ Ibuprofen Tablets

For fast and effective relief of headache, muscular aches, arthritis pain and menstrual cramps.

Medique Filled Three-Shelf Cabinet

For small to medium industrial work settings.

Medique Tecnu™ Oak-n-Ivy Cleansing Treatment

Removes toxic oils of poison oak, ivy and sumac.

Medique Biofreeze™ Pain-Relieving Gel

Cold therapy pain reliever.