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Physical Science

From magnets to simple machines, find everything for your physics classroom in one place.

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Life Science

Bring your curriculum to life with microscopes, anatomy models, activity kits and more!

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Environmental Science

Turn your students into hands-on explorers with supplies to help them observe the environment up close.

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Earth and Space

Explore the universe with interactive globes, motorized solar systems and much more.

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Demonstrate patterning, counting, reasoning and sorting with a wide variety of math tools.

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Equipment and Supplies

Find all the basics for your science lab, like aprons, goggles, beakers and scales!

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Clearance Center

Find incredible deals on science supplies for everything from earth science to physics. Don't let these bargains pass you by — get the savings while they last!

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Education Microscopes

Choose from an extensive collection of digital and non-digital microscope options. Check out our selection today to find the perfect microscopes for your classroom!

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Rainbow Fraction™ Tiles

Help your students understand and visualize fractions with color-coded fraction tiles. The 51 proportional pieces allow students to manipulate individual parts to see how they relate to the whole, making new mathematical connections. Suitable for grades 1 and up.

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Giant Magnetic Base Ten

Model essential base ten and place value concepts on your whiteboard so the whole class can see. Set includes 100 units, 20 rods, 10 flats and 1 cube. Suitable for students in grades 1 and up.

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Pattern Block Activity Pack

Pattern Blocks encourage young learners to explore geometry and measurement concepts, including shape, area, symmetry, patterning, sorting and classifying. The set includes 36 design cards with varying complexity and 124 plastic blocks in six shapes, all calibrated to fit together. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

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Double-Sided Magnetic Money

Big money! Detailed oversize money magnets stick to any magnetic surface for engaging money lessons, targeting coin identification, counting and making change. An activity guide suitable for students in Kindergarten and up is included.

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Basic Student Calc-U-Vue™ Calculator

This dual-powered basic calculator is perfect for any student to use at home and at school. It has four functions, 3-key memory, percent and square root keys, floating decimal, constant functions, an 8-digit LCD display and a protective sliding case. Suitable for children ages 5 and up.

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Liter Set

Fill this set of six graduated, clear containers with liquids or solids to teach students the relationship between volume, capacity, mass and shape. The six containers come in three shapes, each 11cm tall with 0.25 to 1L volumes. Suitable for children ages 8 and up.

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Write 'N Wipe Boards

These double-sided, no-tear, plastic boards feature a blank side for writing and drawing and a gridded side for graphing. Designed for use with dry-wipe markers. 

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This compass features a shortened point and an easy-to-grip top, allowing your students to safely draw perfect circles and arcs.

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Liquid Measurement Kit

Introduce your students to imperial and metric measurements with this kit, which includes 5 sturdy plastic bottles with screw-on lids, 3 liquid measuring cups, 1 set of 5 dry measuring cups and 1 set of 6 measuring spoons. 

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NewPath Learning™ Curriculum Mastery™ Game: Mathematics

Your students will master place value, number words, fractions, addition and subtraction facts and more with this Curriculum Mastery Game. Suitable for students in grade 2.

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