Animal Surgical Equipment

Stoelting™ Cover Gown

Stoelting™ Disposable lab coats and procedure gowns

Stoelting™ Ear Tag Applicator

Stoelting™ Ear Tag Applicator is specially suited for use with small lab and research animals (mice, rats and other rodents).

Stoelting™ Dry Glass Bead Sterilizer

Insert the cleaned surgical instrument for 2 to 5 seconds and remove. Within 30 seconds, the surgical instruments are cool enough to use.

SOMNI Scientific™ Animal Temperature Heating Pad With PID Controller

An ultra-thin, low noise heating pad that offers uniform heating to maintain the animal’s body temperature

Stoelting™ EZ Clip Wound Closure Kit and Clips

Stoelting™ EZ Clip Wound Closures Kit and Clips are ideal for rapidly closing wounds, providing maximum holding force with minimal trauma. Easier and faster to use than conventional sutures and needles.

Stoelting™ Reflex Wound Clip Applier

Wound clips allow for smaller, rapid suturing.

Fisherbrand™ Animal Ear-Punch and Tags

Fisherbrand Ear punch are used for punching holes into an animal's ear for labeling purposes.

Plas Labs™ Broome-Style Rodent Restrainers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Ideal for injections or blood sampling

Stoelting™ Silk Braided Non-Absorbable Sutures

Silk Braided Non-Absorbable Sutures exhibits smooth flow through tissue while maintaining optimal knot security

Stoelting™ Autoclip Applier and Accessories

Autoclip™ Applier works like a staple gun to rapidly apply clip closures.

Stoelting™ Touch Test Sensory Probes

Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments provide an approximate logarithmic scale of actual force, and a linear scale of perceived intensity. They have a long history of effective use in clinical settings, and can be used to diagnose pathologies of hyper- or hypo-aesthesia. Subsets within the set of 20 probes distinguish pathologies on different parts of the body (foot, hand, lip, cheek,etc.).

Plas Labs™ Rabbit Restrainers Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Designed to minimize trauma

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill

Stoelting™ Cordless Micro Drill features carbide burr drill bits with a shaft diameter of 2.3 mm and are 4.4 cm in length

Stoelting™ Mouse Ear Tag

Stoelting™ Mouse Ear Tags are specially suited for use with small lab and research animals

Stoelting™ Rechargeable Surgical Clippers

Stoelting™ Rechargeable Surgical Clippers is a powerful, detachable blade clipper designed for quick and easy results for all-day heavy use.

Stoelting™ Low Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens

Stoelting™ Low Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens is ideal for precise pinpoint hemostasis.

Stoelting™ Dental Cement

Dentel Cement is used to affix stainless steel to skull or bone, for lab repairs, or for casting of hard acrylic parts.

Stoelting™ High Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens

Stoelting™ High Temperature Disposable Cautery Pens are ideal for procedures including, pinpoint hemostasis, controlling diffuse bleeders, vasectomies, and sculpting woven grafts.

AIMS™ Flex Arm LED Light General Purpose Lab Light

Unique magnetic base/puck system holds the lab light firmly on the base in any location

Stoelting™ Small Animal Decapitator

Stoelting™ Small Animal Decapitator cuts cleanly and quickly through bone and tissue and is suitable for decapitating rats, mice and other small animals.

Stoelting™ Natural Chromic Gut Absorbable Sutures

Stoelting™ Natural Chromic Gut Absorbable Sutures feature surface smoothness to facilitate knot run-down and knot strength.

AIMS™ Traditional Triangle Shaped Plastic Disposable Restraints

Humane, safe and disposable rodent restraint system

Stoelting™ Monoject Plastic Syringe

Single use plastic syringes

Stoelting™ Large Ring Dissecting Scissors

Curved and Angled Dissecting Scissors

Stoelting™ 1700 Series Gas-Tight Microliter Syringe

A variety of different terminations and needle options are available in this series.

Stoelting™ Tail Access Rodent Restrainer

Stoelting™ Tail Access Rodent Restrainer is ideal for injections, blood sampling, or blood pressure monitoring

Stoelting™ Stainless Steel Brain Matrices

Stoelting™ Stainless Steel Brain Matrices are precisely machined and highly polished to ensure reproducible sectioning.

Stoelting™ Cautery Pens, Low Temperature

Stoelting™ Low Temp Cautery Pens offer a variety of low temperatures and fine tips, assuring surgeons of precise pinpoint hemostasis.